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History Loves Repeating Itself

December 14, 2017

It’s obvious to me that history loves repeating itself because it does it all the time. We live in the moment; we have nothing tethering us to past history on any level. I suppose they still teach history in school, but it’s not something that kids care about – it’s meaningless for them. They probably even equate it with Fake News. Kids are leading in-the-moment “Zen lives” in their Chip Bodies on their chip-body cell phones that their parents had to follow boring Buddhist teachings to master!

Because we are living totally in the present we have no idea that nothing is new under the sun. One example it that young people today are forced to repeat the speed epidemic of the 60’s that their grandparents “enjoyed.”

A 2008 paper titled “America’s First Amphetamine Epidemic 1929–1971” reported that the use of speed peaked around 1969 and has the same incidence as today. Only today, instead of keeping a nation of tired and overweight patients awake and losing weight, candy-flavored amphetamine released by the FDA in Jan 2016 is being fed to our children.

The story takes a darker turn when you realize that “mother’s little helper” (the nickname for speed), was likely responsible for burnt out adrenals and one probable cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Did the people in the 60’s who were prescribed speed pass on some part of their adrenal weakness to their offspring? I recall telling many grandparents in my family practice that they were healthier then their grandchildren.

Children today are given amphetamines so that they will not act up in class. But they are also eating 150 lbs of sugar a year; ingesting food additives and preservatives in their fast food diet; living in their Chip Bodies on their cell phones messaging friends instead of talking to them in person.

Taking a drug in your childhood also hypnotizes you into thinking that anything wrong with your body can be fixed with another drug.

Not only is magnesium burnt up by drugs, too much sugar in the diet, and the EMF stress of always being connected to wifi, but magnesium is necessary to make real energy in the body. The Krebs Cycle, which makes ATP energy requires magnesium in 6 of the 8 steps.

Because ReMag is a true energy source, we encourage parents to use ReMag Lotion on their kids and also to give them a truly healthy food at least once a day with ReStructure protein powder. And maybe tease them a bit about being in their Chip Body so they become aware of what’s happening to them. They are like fish in wifi waters and don’t even know it.


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