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Doctors Suffer Educational Deficiency 

January 3, 2018

The following story really made me question the sanity of allopathic medicine. The mother of a young boy with sickle cell anemia wrote that “Despite numerous research studies stating that children with sickle cell anemia have inadequate levels of macro and micronutrients, as well as high copper and low zinc, the Blood Disorder Clinic refuses to test his nutrient levels. The Director responded to a letter I wrote her, stating that ‘If I tested him, I would be responsible for fixing the problem and I am not trained to do that.’”

I told the mother that I found this response “stunningly unprofessional and horrifying.” The Director’s response illustrates the incredible denial allopathic medicine harbors toward non-drug therapies. In complete collusion, the FDA attacks dietary supplement companies who say their products may treat disease or help people avoid drugs. Doctors won’t do testing because they were never exposed to the importance of nutrients in medical school, so, for them they don’t even exist. They also believe the FDA mandate that they aren’t supposed to treat diseases with nutrients. Yet, across the hall in the laboratories, scientific studies show nutrient deficiencies in sickle cell patients that may be affecting the structure and function of their bodies.

Allopathic medicine and the FDA have transformed our health care system into a drug monopoly. They have totally lost the ability to be objective about any other modalities and ignore their responsibility to their patients. The most recent travesty is the FDA’s Crackdown on Homeopathic Medicine under the guise of “protecting the public.” I’ve studied ALL forms of medicine – allopathic, alternative, homeopathic, nutritional, and herbal, which has served me well. I have always been able to recommend natural remedies to support the body’s structure and function, which prevents nutrient deficiency symptoms and the dangers of being misdiagnosed with a disease. Allopathic medicine would rather wait until you get sick enough for them to diagnose you with a disease and treat it with drugs. There is no room for prevention in this model.

When the body is injured or suffers symptoms that are beyond the scope of nutrient therapy, I’m the first to say, do necessary surgery or take medicine to alleviate suffering, until the body, with the support of nutrients, is able to rally. I was told in med school to only use drugs until the body can cope on its own, but somehow that message got perverted into a drugs-for-life mantra. Practicing doctors accept the guidance of consulting doctors married to the drug industry to lower the “normal” cholesterol levels, blood pressure levels, and blood glucose levels, which opens the floodgates to medicate people early on in their so-called disease. The horrible fact is that these diseases may be nutrient deficiencies that doctors ADMIT they are not trained to test for, diagnose, or treat!

Here’s what I would recommend for the body’s structure and function when dealing with sickle cell anemia:

  1. ReMag Liquid by mouth and ReMag Lotion over all skin surfaces
  2. ReMyte for its 12 minerals with a higher ratio of zinc to copper.
  3. ReAline for its methylated B’s and amino acids to promote glutathione   production for gentle detox.
  4. ReStructure for a digestible source of protein, Vit C, and EFA’s to assist with the high protein turnover in sickle cell; and RnA Drops for helping make perfect cells.

When doctors admit in writing that “If I tested him, I would be responsible for fixing the problem and I am not trained to do that.” you know you are on your own, but fortunately you have the Completement Formulas!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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