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Abuse in Medicine

February 7, 2018

In the naturopathic community practitioners report that more than half our female patients have been sexually abused or harassed. How do we know this? Because we ask. I’m shocked but not surprised by the outpouring of sexual harassment complaints against men in Hollywood, the media, and politics. However, I wonder when female and male patients will feel supported enough to report Medical Abuse?

Our customer service staff hears about medical abuse, medical misdiagnosis, and medical mistreatment every day, and we hear it on my radio show. In my former practice I listened to stories of incredible misdiagnosis and abuse. How and where and to whom can patients complain if they feel they have been dismissed or dissed by their doctor?

Here is a small sampling of medical complaints from my radio show.

“He screamed at me that there is NO CURE for AFib and reminded me that he was the doctor. By the time I got out of his office I thought I was going to stroke out in the parking lot! And for all that abuse in the space of 10 minutes, he billed my insurance $600! I never went back to him, but the visit just made my AFib much worse.”

“Very scary. Another thing. If you stop taking meds the doctor can and will drop you.”

ReMag helped me experience so much more healthy wellness it is almost indescribable.

So many doctors told me they could not find anything wrong – referred me to counseling and prescribed antidepressants! They were convinced I was making everything up!”

“A friend gave her list of supplements to her doctor – the doctor said you can shorten your life with these!”

“At one time my doctor had me take 50,000 IU of Vit D daily with no magnesium.  Soon after my fingers and arms started to curl and are now fused in a curled position.  Now if I supplement even 600 IU of Vit D I get little “spurs” on my knuckles

“I got leg cramps taking a diuretic pill and my doctor poo pooed magnesium.”

“I have seen 2 medical doctors but really avoid them 
for the most part, as they have no ‘real’ answers or help and their 
advice is too negative and debilitating.”

“He can no longer do any cardio exercise and suffers from muscle pain that seems to be a direct side effect of Eliquis. We have talked to different doctors here and they press this “once AFib – blood thinner for life” motto. Biopress a drug for BP weakens him and his BP is already low, around 105/65.”

“My friend told her doctor that magnesium was helping her BP but she said it’s not going to work.”

“I recently went to a new Cardiologist and had a 6 mo check up and pacemaker check. I was told that my AFib (which I wasn’t aware was any real problem) had gotten worse. He prescribed Flecanide, which I totally couldn’t tolerate. He changed it to Propafenone, which made me terribly off balance and anxious. I informed the doc about magnesium and ReMag, and he said it would do nothing to help me. 
The doctor’s only response was that if I can’t tolerate either drug that I would eventually go into permanent AFib!! What a horrible thing to intend!”

“My heart doctor jumped all over me when I said I wanted to increase my magnesium. He said it would lower my heart rate and I could pass out.”

These people are monumentally dissatisfied with their doctors and the focus on drugs when they think their problem might be nutritional. Yet, medical surveys don’t even ask about that possibility. And patients are afraid to speak out because doctors have such power over them.

A 2016 study in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, reported in Becker’s Hospital Reviewcrowed that “Hardly anyone has a beef with the quality of health care received.” They said the vast majority of complaints were about CUSTOMER SERIVICE. Sorry, but I’m not a customer, I’m a patient. I’m not here to buy a widget, I’m there to find out why I’m sick!

It turns out the “study” was an Internet analysis conducted by a PR firm. Instead of asking patients to fill out a questionnaire they analyzed 35,000 Google+ physician’ reviews! According to Dr. Google, most patients rated their doctors highly. But here are the numbers: “61 percent gave five-star reviews, compared to only 23 percent who gave one-star reviews.”

Let me focus on the ONLY 23% being so bad as to have one-star reviews and presumably another 16% having 2-4 star reviews. Let’s extrapolate. If there are one million doctors in the U.S., and 250,000 of them are given very bad reviews, then “Houston, we have a problem!”

Instead of trying to explain or fix the problem of 23% of one-star doctors the study emphasized that of those patients that complained, 96 percent were related to customer service while only 4 percent were about the quality of clinical care or misdiagnoses. Highlighting these percentages buried the one-star doctors and became the headlines for most media reports.

It’s not just our customers who are seeing the 23% of doctors who are rated badly. Lord Sufferin’ Cats, it’s amazing to see how medicine can pull the wool over their own eyes about the quality of their medical care. What if there were horrible flight safety ratings on an airplane or a pilot and just see how long they can get away with that.

As I’ve said repeatedly, our best defense against drug-based medicine is to stay healthy. And you can do that without too much effort at all by taking my Completement Formulas!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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