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My Genes Are Not Dirty

February 21, 2018

In his new book, Dirty Genes, Naturopath Ben Lynch writes that when he first did his own family’s genetic testing, he was horrified at what he found. Now, Lynch is horrifying the thousands of people who read his book as they seek reasons why they feel so ill. I’ve been criticizing the widespread use of individual genetic testing since the practice began but now I have more ammunition after reading Lynch’s book.

With very few references to back up most of his information, Lynch gives long lists of what mutated gene SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) can do to you, including causing cancer. Cancer is mentioned no less than 79 times, which is enough negative brainwashing to put the fear of cancer into anyone’s brain.

When a new screening test is developed a lab will gather data from extensive questionnaires to determine the signs and symptoms of the people who turn up with positive lab tests. Could this be what Lynch is using in his symptom lists?

However, one important thing science doesn’t emphasize enough is that correlation is not causation. People with certain mutations my have these symptoms but if you have these symptoms it doesn’t mean you have these mutations. Yet, Lynch implies that if you have these symptoms you have gene mutations. Also, all the symptoms that Lynch lists for each of his 7 major mutations he discusses overlap with magnesium deficiency and yeast overgrowth. That’s why I treat magnesium deficiency and yeast overgrowth first to clear up the environment around our genes. If symptoms remain, then you can go off and do the million-dollar workup.

Even more discouraging is that Lynch offers nothing new in the “treatment” of mutated genes. It’s the same rehashing of naturopathic advice and support that we have given for decades. He also offers lists of different supplements for each of the seven major mutations further overloading and confusing the reader with what they should do. Also, the most important nutrient of all, magnesium, is not highlighted and the need for intense yeast treatment is not mentioned but mashed in amongst talk about balancing the gut.

I’m trying to figure out why Lynch even wrote the book. Maybe he’s using gene mutations as a way of scaring people into changing their lifestyle. But we all know that scare tactics don’t work – look at cigarette smoking. It’s only by increasing the cost of cigarettes and banning it from public places that’s modified its use.

However, if you tell people one too many times that they can get cancer from something over which they don’t think they have any control then you have instilled a deep fear. According to Total Biology disease is a conflict over which we feel we have no control.

Before The Genome Project was completed doctors speculated that humans should have over 100,000 genes that control our body. Their goal was to isolate genes that could be snipped out to eliminate disease. When they only found 23,000 genes they had to drop the project. But what were they to do with all this research? Genetic testing got picked up by labs that created individual genetic testing for the public. Rather than only being used to find the identity of the “baby-daddy” these labs presumed to tell people their disease risk according to their genetic mutations.

I don’t think individual genetic testing is a good idea. Customers often tell us how upset they are by their 100-page printout showing dozens of mutations over which they feel they have no control. They say they wished that they had never done the testing because on page 20 they are told to absolutely avoid a certain nutrient and on page 35 told they must take that same nutrient or they could get cancer. I’m not being a Luddite here, I love progress and technology, but I don’t think it should be foisted on an unsuspecting public before it is properly researched.

Let me be very clear. Our genes aren’t the problem, they aren’t dirty and implying so can make people feel even more hopeless because they have always been told that genes are not under their control. It’s the nutrient-deficient, toxic environment that turns on and off our genes and our gene mutations. Lynch agrees but, in my opinion, distracts the whole conversation by blaming the genes in his title.

And guess what? Ten million gene mutations have been discovered so far and we each have about one million hidden in our bodies. What the heck does that mean? It means to me that they are a normal part of our genetic structure but now that the scientists and pseudoscientists have gotten hold of them they are trying to create a disease for which they want to find a cure. At this point about 40,000 gene mutations have been studied and thought to potentially affect our health. YIKES, how can our brain get around that piece of “potentially” negative information? Lynch has chosen to focus on seven of the most common mutations. Pay attention to the word potentially – all this research shows is possibilities, not realities. That’s why I say DO NOT get caught up in it.

What do I recommend? Unsurprisingly the Completement Formulas do tackle all these genetic mutations, the toxicity in our environment, and yeast overgrowth. In the second half of my blog “Magnesium Citrate and Ceruloplasmin Clarification”, you can read about how these formulas, singlehandedly, address most of our current problems. Just take the formulas and be patient as they replace missing nutrients, gently detoxify the body and perfectly support the structure and function of your genius body!

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