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Nutritional Management in Medicine

February 11, 2018

When I saw this title on Medscape “How Much Do You Know About Appropriate Nutritional Management?” I was excited to learn how allopathic medicine was advancing nutrition. There is still no medical nutrition specialty but we all know how important good nutrition is for the structure and function of the body and perhaps that information was filtering through the walls of medical academia.

However, it quickly became apparent that medicine isn’t interested in the structure and function of the body at all. It’s only interested in the sick body. Its mandate is to diagnose symptoms as a specific disease and treat those disease symptoms with drugs. The structure and function of the body are left to the dietary supplement industry, which is automatically censured if it strays into the realm of disease.

The article turned out to be a series of tests and techniques to assess the status of very ill people on the verge or organ failure with severely compromised nutritional status. The focus of the article was to introduce doctors to complex, expensive tests and treatments for this segment of the population. There was nothing about helping to keep people from getting these crippling diseases with proper nutrition. Would it be cynical or would it be accurate to say that there is more money to be made in treating sick people rather than keeping them well?

And that’s where allopathic medicine fails its patients over and over because it knows nothing about keeping people healthy and preventing disease. I’ve spent my whole career encouraging people to take responsibility for their health. In the last several years I’ve had the good fortune to provide the actual nutritional tools to maintain the perfect structure and function of your body.

The moral of this story? Allopathic medicine is not going to embrace health, they are going to stay committed to disease. It’s up to us to stay healthy and be the healthy example for our friends and family. I receive many testimonials from readers who discover the miraculous effects of pico-ionic magnesium. They take to crusading among their peers to show how it is better to give the body the nutrients it requires to stay healthy on its own, rather than trying to bring it back from a disease state. Because these readers are informed enough to know the difference between commodity supplements and highly-absorbed pico-ionic formulas, they are able to realize the vision of holistic health and resilience that the nutritional field has always strived to achieve.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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