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Do Statin Research for Your Doctor

March 28, 2018

John said he was getting very frustrated dealing with allopathic doctors in his Medicare group who won’t lower or stop his statin meds at his request. He did find a young pharmacist who is willing at least to listen to him. So, he wanted to present some information and studies to her relating to the statin issue. From John’s own research he said he shouldn’t be forced to take a statin because his LDL cholesterol isn’t even elevated. Their argument is that because he had 3 heart attacks and bypass surgery in 2001 that he MUST take statins as a preventive measure!

When John laid out his situation, I told him that doctors think heart disease is fatally progressive, they can’t imagine that taking dietary supplements and lifestyle improvements are reversing his condition. They give a person no hope of healing. Also, doctors are afraid to go against the standard practice of medicine, they are not allowed to rock the boat. However, they might make an exception if they have studies to back up a request from a patient. But they aren’t going to bother to do the research themselves, so you have to do it for them.

I sent John the following sources of information from prominent doctors working to educate the public about the misuse of statin drugs as some sort of corrupt preventive intervention in heart disease. You can print up articles from these sites for your doctor to put in your patient file.

  1. Follow Uffe Ravnskov, a Danish medical doctor, independent researcher, member of various international scientific organizations, and a former assistant professor and medical practitioner in Denmark and Sweden. Dr. Ravnskov dispels the myth of cholesterol as a cause of heart disease.
  2. Look into the Cholesterol Skeptics site called THINCS. This International Network is composed of a steadily growing group of scientists, physicians, other academicians, and science writers from various countries.
  3. Read Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s excellent book The Great Cholesterol Con. You can start with his article Cholesterol Lowering – The End Of The Beginning?

Remember, if you are already on meds, it’s perfectly safe to take them along with my Completement Formulas. As the structure and function of your body improves, you can work with your doctor to wean off your drugs if you no longer need them. No competent doctor should want you to be on meds that have dangerous side effects if you don’t need them. And in my opinion, drugs with side effects do not make good choices for preventing disease! Read Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health if you want confirmation of this assertion.

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