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Three Antihypertensives Instead of Magnesium

April 15, 2018

The heading of a Medscape report on a blood pressure trial touted that “Triple Low-Dose Combo Pill a Success in Hypertension.” This report was presented with great fanfare at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2018 Annual Scientific Session. What was all the hoopla about? What did using three drugs prove?

In a nutshell it proved that it takes three drugs to drop the systolic BP by a paltry 9 points (mm Hg) and the diastolic by an even lower 5 points (mm Hg). Seriously, you can read the report yourself. Most doctors who commented on the trial declared the results were very good but said they would have a hard time getting patients to take all three drugs. Compliance is already a really sore point in medicine – probably because people have so many side effects from drugs and they don’t seem to work that well.

Let’s compare these results with a 2013 paper written by a friend of mine, Andrea Rosanoff PhD. She ran a meta analysis of trials using magnesium for high blood pressure. She found a reduction in systolic BP of 18.7 points and diastolic of 10.9 – twice the reduction of the three drug combo. But you’re not going to see her results shouted from the rooftops of a cardiology conference that’s sponsored by drug companies.

Instead the Australian lead researcher of the three-drug trial said that “This approach of triple low-dose therapy from the start of antihypertensive treatment is appropriate for all parts of the world as many patients are not reaching target blood pressure everywhere.” Another woman doctor in California described the results as “a home run.”

One doctor lamented that it will even be difficult to get doctors to prescribe triple drug therapy. He said “They have not been trained to prescribe like this. It is difficult enough getting them to prescribe a two-pill combination, but to ask them to prescribe a three-pill combination would really need a shift in attitude. They believe more drugs equals more side effects.”

Well DUH! That’s exactly what will happen. The unknown interaction of 3 drugs and the accumulated side effects and the strain on the liver will all add up. Doctors who went to medical school in the 80’s and 90’s may not be enamored with using a lot of medications or using them preventatively.

In The Magnesium Miracle I talk about sitting in with a doctor in New York who was adding the fifth BP drug to a stressed-out journalist. I asked if he ever used magnesium. He said he would prescribe magnesium if the 5th drug didn’t help and that the magnesium usually works well. Yes, of course, why not give it first you ask – but magnesium is not in the drug recipe for blood pressure.

Why are doctors completely ignoring the mineral and vitamin cofactors that make the body work? It’s like Not giving food to someone who is starving; Not giving water to someone who’s thirsty; or Not clearing an airway when someone is choking. Who are these people that say any symptom you have is a disease and needs a drug. There is something completely messed up, narrow-minded, and downright greedy about our current allopathetic medical system.

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