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Recycling Amphetamines

May 9, 2018

A whole new generation of adults is addicted to amphetamines and they don’t even know it. Neuroscientist Dr. Carl L. Hart, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University in a (badly written) online article explains that “ …the public remains almost entirely ignorant of the fact that methamphetamine produces nearly identical effects to those produced by the popular ADHD medication d-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine). You probably know it as Adderall®: a combination of amphetamine and d-amphetamine mixed salts.”

Now that 75% of ADHD kids are on Ritalin or Adderall, the profit-driven drug industry is targeting a whole new market. It’s the old   strategy of “Create the disease and offer the cure!” Young adults are being told that their fatigue, anxiety, depression, aches, and pains as a result of their poor lifestyle can be “fixed” with a drug. So, if you lack focus, have trouble concentrating, don’t get enough sleep, drink too much alcohol, eat junk food all day – don’t bother changing any of your bad habits – just take Adderall. Business Insider published a 2013 article titled “These are the ridiculous ads Big Pharma used to convince everyone that they had ADHD.”

A 2018 documentary about adults on Adderall is a scary eye-opener on our Brave New World. Even though doctors told parents that most children would “grow out” of their ADHD, there are adults who have been using ADHD meds since their school days. There’s also another group of new users who don’t want to be left out.

The documentary quotes a user “…at first, it seems like something that’s jet fuel that gets you everything you want. And slowly, people report needing more and more — higher doses in order to keep the efficacy. And then, people report different side effects, and also kind of an identity issue — of wondering, you know, is it correct that I am associating my success with a need for this as a tool, as a supplement?”

The filmmakers said “a lot of the people that we talked to — and we talked to well over 100 people — they want to see if they can go off of it.” The users say “It’s a big thing for high-functioning and successful people in America.” They feel they have to take the drug to keep up.

However, the scientific research cautions that these drugs don’t actually improve cognitive performance. They just make you feel like you’re performing better. It’s all an inner trip; you become a legend in your own mind.

Dr. Hart says “…methamphetamine and d-amphetamine are both FDA-approved medications to treat ADHD. In addition, methamphetamine is approved to treat obesity and d-amphetamine to treat narcolepsy.” So, if you can squeeze a diagnosis of adult ADHD out of a patient – you now have something to treat. A lot of young people go to their doctor and pronounce themselves with ADHD and ask for the drug. The documentary shows a doctor after taking with a patient for a few minutes, diagnosing ADHD and writing a script  – for an addictive drug with a multitude of side effects.

I’ve spent my whole medical career trying to help people dig their way out of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, partly caused by overmedication. The worst drugs are antibiotics, amphetamines and benzodiazepines. I thought we got rid of amphetamines in the 1970’s when they became a restricted drug. Then in 1996 Adderall was approved by the FDA for use on kids with ADHD. Now it’s being marketed to college students and young adults. This is a generation that either took ADHD drug themselves or watched all their friends popping pills. They actually think that if anything goes wrong in their lives they should reach for a pill. Ritalin was first prescribed for kids in 1987.

The online article that I’m quoting says that:

Even with a lower dose, amphetamines can induce the following overdose effects:

Increased heart rate and irregular heartbeat – for which you may be prescribed anti-anxiety medication and beta blockers

Increased blood flow and unusual blood pressure – for which you may be given BP meds

Alter the brain’s dopamine “reward” pathways

Tremors, shaking, twitching, and spasms – for which you may be prescribed Neurontin an anti-seizure drug

Rapid breathing – for which you may be prescribed anti-anxiety drugs.

Aggressive behavior

Nausea and vomiting


Stomach cramping


…in rare instances, amphetamines can induce convulsions, coma, and death.

The list of short and long-term side effects is even longer.”

Dr. Hart compares the effects of Adderall to the effects of methamphetamine. “Adderall is dangerous, not only chemically, but also with its cunning acceptance in mainstream society. People see methamphetamine as dangerous, but they accept Adderall and d-amphetamine as if it were perfectly normal. Swayed by this messaging, the public remains almost entirely ignorant of the fact that methamphetamine produces nearly identical effects to those produced by…Adderall®: a combination of amphetamine and d-amphetamine mixed salts.”

The solutions I talked about a few days ago in my blog “40% of Dementia Diagnoses Are Wrong,” are also appropriate for young people. Proper sleep, avoiding alcohol and eating a good diet along with taking Completement Formulas can help by providing the right building blocks to your brain and your body at any age.

Let me repeat my advice from my previous blog:

  1. 1Nutritional imbalances and deficiencies.ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline, ReStructure, RnA Drops, ReCalcia, Prescript Assist, Blue Ice Royal.
  1. Artificial food colors, flavors, and sweeteners. Use ReStructure before reaching for processed food or snacks.
  1. Prescription medication side effects.Use the Completement Formulas for nutrient deficiencies that can be misdiagnosed as diseases and treated with drugs.
  1. Inflammation from low-level infections, mold, food allergies, and Lyme Disease.The greatest immune system challenge is from yeast overgrowth that leaves a person susceptible to low-grade infections, food allergies, and cross reactions with mold.
  1. Stress and stagnation/inactivity.The magnesium in ReMag will help treat stress and inflammation and give you energy so that you will be able to exercise.
  1. Thyroid and other hormonal imbalances. ReMyte’s 9 thyroid-supporting minerals will help make natural thyroid hormones.
  2. Mercury and other heavy metal poisoning. ReMag, ReAline, and RnA Drops help detoxify heavy metals, including mercury.

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