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Screen More Diabetics: Give More Drugs

May 30, 2018

Allopathic medicine wants to expand the criteria for diagnosing diabetes to gather more patients – to do what? To give them more drugs, that’s what. It completes the trifecta for drug company profit because they have lowered the “normal” of cholesterol so more people take statins; they have lowered the abnormal of blood pressure and promote a study that gives patients 3 BP drugs to begin treatment; and now they will give more people diabetic drugs. These three conditions can be the result of magnesium deficiency – but the public is not allowed to know this because it somehow makes magnesium a drug.

Instead of realizing that the current treatment of diabetes isn’t working doctors think the answer is to give more drugs to more people at an earlier point in their diabetic timeline. I became very concerned when I read a Medscape article called “Prediabetes, Diabetes Screening Criteria Miss Half of Patients.”

There are already over 30 million patients with diabetes in the US but they want to give another 30 million the bad news that they are on the downward spiral of diabetes – because everyone knows there is no medical cure for this disease. Doctors say you have to learn to control your diabetes but there is no cure.

The authors admit that “Early screening is important because it can enable earlier pharmacotherapy and lifestyle modification, potentially warding off more serious complications of diabetes.” Of course they lead with the drugs because they are pretty convinced that diet doesn’t work. They ignore the fact that the Ketogenic diet and fasting are working to reverse diabetes. Instead they attack doctors that use diet therapy. Dr. Tim Noaks in Australia is actually being sued by dieticians for promoting a low carb diet, which they say is out of his field of expertise!

Dr. Jason Fung is a Toronto kidney specialist who for 10 years watched increasing numbers of Type 2 diabetic patients develop kidney failure. Even though they take all their medications their disease is not cured and they still get complications – kidney failure, blindness, and amputations. Dr. Fung said it was terrible to see. He reasoned that if diabetes is the cause of kidney disease, you have to get rid of diabetes. Knowing that obese patients with DM would get better if they lose weight he decided to tackle obesity as the root cause of most Type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Fung had such success with a low carb diet for his patients that he wrote a book called The Obesity Code. In it he blows the myth of calorie counting saying that weight loss has nothing to do with lowering calories and has been mostly unsuccessful. Dr. Fung says you have to lower insulin levels to make any headway. And the best way to lower insulin is to lower carbohydrate intake. It’s only then that the weight starts to drop.

Adding fasting to the picture was another major breakthrough in weight loss and reversing diabetes. Dr Fung next wrote The Complete Guide to Fasting because he couldn’t find anything that put together the research on fasting and the history of fasting. He says it’s obviously the least expensive way to lose weight.

Fasting may seem extreme but the research supports its safety. In my book Total Body ReSet for Weight Loss and during my Weight Loss Webinar and Diabetes Webinar, I encourage people to keep taking their Completement Formulas during fasting and carbohydrate reduction. This will help you keep up your energy levels and reduce your food cravings because your body is getting the nutrients that it thinks it should be getting from foods.

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