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More Hospitals Require Flu Vaccines

June 20, 2018

Flu season is now officially over but here’s something that will affect hospital workers in the fall. In Nov 2017 I wrote that “Flu Vaccines Don’t Work” but in spite of them not being able to prevent the flu “More Hospitals Requiring Influenza Vaccine for Workers.” Let that sink in for a while and then follow the lack of logic in allopathetic medicine, which claims it practices science-based medicine.

The science behind flu vaccines not working is presented in my Nov 2017 blog. They can’t work because “the method of culturing influenza viruses inactivates them” and the author of that study admits that “flu vaccine propaganda is largely false, describing how the goal of flu shot immunization has still not been achieved.”

I also wrote that the internationally recognized Cochrane Collaboration review of 25 randomized trials on the effectiveness of influenza vaccination concluded that the evidence does not support universal immunization of healthy adults. In fact, the flu shot only reduces the incidence of clinical influenza an average of 6%!

Because of the high mortality rate in hospitals, I suppose management wants to appear like it’s trying to reduce exposure to patients from sick workers but it’s all just for show because flu vaccines don’t even work. And because health care is an industry now, and it seems like it’s not scientifically based, when a mandate is presented and accepted by management, and regardless of the ineffectiveness of the mandate, it will proceed unquestioned and unimpeded.

Apparently if you refuse the flu vaccine in a hospital that requires them, you have to wear a mask during flu season, which may keep you healthier in the long run. But to support your immune system which is designed to take good care of you, I recommend my pico ionic minerals, including Pico Silver solution. Find out more at

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