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Who’s Making Your Supplements?

June 6, 2018

I was recently struck with an insight that I mentioned on my May 14, 2018 radio show. A customer said that an acquaintance of hers warned that she shouldn’t listen to me because I was selling products. I immediately thought, “Well, who else are you going to listen to?”

And the other important question is “Who else is going to make safe and effective products to help people get well from chronic disease?” It can only be concerned doctors who work directly with their patients and customers and know what they require.

It’s Not going to be the FDA, Not drug companies, Not the government, and Not dietary supplement companies who are being increasingly overrun with dropouts from the medical-pharmaceutical complex. They just keep trying to treat all disease symptoms with drugs – which unfortunately help create the problem. Or many self-styled health “gurus” and natural practitioners scare people into using tons of ineffective dietary supplements.

A new book I read on Lyme disease fueled my insight because the author interviewed 10 Lyme practitioners about their Lyme therapies. They all use supplements and many of them formulate their own products.

Of course, the side bar of that conversation is that they all recommend magnesium because they know how important it is in chronic disease – but none of them recommend enough to really get the job done because they don’t have a non-laxative form of magnesium. So they end up using a lot of other supplements to make up for the lack of magnesium.

This book made me realize that I and the Lyme doctors are in a life-and-death battle to provide a unique service to the public. This means it’s up to you to use your knowledge and discernment to choose what will be best for your health. Just like you can’t depend on allopathic doctors to know enough about your body and about nutrients to give you what you need to stay well, you can’t depend on people who just sell dietary supplements to offer a healing protocol.

And that’s where I differ in my approach to wellness. Everything I do is geared to creating a simple, sustainable, wellness protocol to alleviate the rampant nutrient deficiencies that are making people sick. I’m not interested in treating symptoms with dozens of supplements but rather giving our genius body the perfect building blocks that can make it thrive.

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