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Chiropractic for Low Back Pain? Of Course

July 11, 2018

In a commentary on Medscape a doctor asked a question that I thought had been answered decades ago. “Low Back Pain: Should We Recommend Chiropractic Care?”

The NY Times published the following article in 1987: “U.S. Judge Finds Medical Group Conspired Against Chiropractors.” Everyone should read how blithely the AMA sought to crush the Chiropractic profession by forbidding its doctors to refer patients for chiropractic care. Unfortunately some of that bias still exists because chiropractic care by a good chiropractor could have help stem the current opioid crisis!

That’s right! Instead of going to doctors for pain pills and inappropriate surgery the 1 in 5 Americans suffering from back pain could have been helped with chiropractic treatment – along with magnesium.

The writer of this article does agree that “it’s imperative that we find nondrug options to relieve this disabling condition” of low back pain.

The commentary reported on a recent study that enrolled “a relatively young, physically fit group—active-duty US service members” for a comparison of 6 weeks of medical care with 6 weeks of chiropractic care. The comprehensive chiropractic care included spinal manipulation, exercise, heat and cold therapy, and other manual treatments. The usual medical care included self-care, drugs and referral to physical therapy and pain clinics.

As a result, self-reported pain intensity and disability were statistically less and the treatment more effective in the chiropractic group compared to the usual medical care. Those who received chiropractic care were also more satisfied with their care. The study concluded that “These findings support how important a multidisciplinary approach is to successfully treat low back pain.” The author doesn’t make the giant leap to outright endorse chiropractic and only gives a nudge to a “multidisciplinary approach.”

I’m going to be a little more blatant 1. Take ReMag liquid and rub on ReMag lotion. 2. Find a good chiropractor. 3 Find a good therapeutic massage therapist that knows myofascial release. 4. Get an Egoscue tower (for spinal alignment) and learn how to use it. (

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