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No ECGs for Healthy People

July 15, 2018

In spite of allopathic medicine wanting to test everyone for everything, one government bod, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), says that “ECG Screening Still Bad Idea in Low-CV-Risk Asymptomatic Patients.” They made this statement in 2012 and they made it again this year.

“Resting or exercise screening ECG should be avoided in asymptomatic adults considered to be at low risk for cardiovascular (CV) events.” They found “adequate evidence” that it “leads to harms.” The task force says “The primary concern for both types of ECG screening is the harm of subsequent procedures or interventions initiated as a result of screening (eg, angiography or revascularization procedures).” I also think there is an over diagnosis of AFib as a result of routine ECG scans.

Here’s what happened to Joe when he went to his doctor for his annual physical. He was asked to fast to have blood drawn so he arrives at the office dehydrated and hypoglycemic. He hates needles so he’s panics when getting his blood taken and he’s even been known to faint. In this condition he’s strapped with leads to the ECG machine, which picks up an irregular heartbeat and tachycardia – as well it should with this much stress and so many triggers.

Joe, in a hydrated, well-fed, relaxed state would not have an irregular heartbeat. But the dehydrated, hypoglycemia, anxious, tachycardic Joe is now prescribed a beta blocker to reduce his heart rate! As the beta blocker works its voodoo by depleting more magnesium, Joe is likely to develop a real arrhythmia and down the road he’ll be offered meds and a cardiac ablation in the relentless march of drug intervention and surgical procedures that have become the mainstay of modern medicine.

It would be great if I could tell you to get a reliable blood test to see if you have magnesium deficiency as a possible cause of your heart symptoms but modern medicine has let us down again by not championing the ionized magnesium test. Instead you have to do your own magnesium research and decide if you have magnesium deficiency. I try to make this an easy process with my Magnesium Miracle 2017 book on Amazon and my free eBooks at

Magnesium is an exceptionally safe supplement and you can even start with an Epsom salts bath to see what it can do for you.

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