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Whack-A-Mole Medicine

July 8, 2018

During our “Lower Your Infectious Load” webinar on June 28, 2018, Ginney and I explained
how to strengthen your immune system to deal with the over 39 trillion microorganisms that
inhabit the body and when out of balance can cause low grade or subclinical infections.

I explained allopathic medicine’s Whack-A-Mole policy of attacking each infection as it
rears its ugly head. It’s simply an extension of the mandate of medicine to identify a
symptom, diagnose it as a disease, and treat that disease with drugs or surgery.

Most customers who approach us have been subjected to Whack-A-Mole medicine for
decades and suffered multiple courses of antibiotics only to be made worse in the long run
and treated for drug side effects and mineral deficiencies with more drugs.

Unfortunately, Whack-A-Mole is the approach of alternative medicine practitioners as well.
It’s also the approach of health coaches and the way health forums run. You got a symptom?
“Try this” and if it doesn’t work then “try that.”

In the current state of modern medicine, people don’t feel they are getting the proper health
care. They are just getting disease care and it doesn’t make them feel better. Often they can’t
afford wholistic doctors or naturopathic care, which are not usually covered by insurance. So
they end up trolling the Internet and find health forums where they encounter free advice. It
may be completely inappropriate for them but “Hey, it’s free!”

I’m writing this blog in frustration because I’ve read one too many health stories where a
person managed to survive misdiagnosis and mistreatment at the hands of allopathic,
alternative and lay practitioners and comes out the other end alive and in relatively better
health after years of experimenting. As I read every step of their journey I’m moaning and
groaning as I recognize magnesium deficiency and yeast overgrowth in each of their layers of
symptoms. By the end of the story they have managed to cobble together a program of diet,
supplements, and acceptance that put band aids on their symptoms but never gets to the root

I’ve said it many times, I’ve proven over and over that the root cause of most chronic disease
is yeast overgrowth and magnesium and mineral deficiencies.

When people build up their mineral stores and get their yeast under control, miraculous
things do happen.

In the webinar I talked about yeast playing the host to layers of infectious organisms. To deal
with this infectious load I recommend Pico Silver, as part of the yeast detox program.

You can view the video replay of my Lower Your Infectious Load webinar to find out how to
avoid Whack-A-Mole medicine.

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