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What Is High-Priority Preventive Care?

July 4, 2018

A Medscape article “Fewer Than 1 in 10 Adults Get All High-Priority Preventive Care,” caught my attention. In it the author bemoaned the fact that according to a recent survey “Only 8% of US adults aged 35 years or older received all of the high-priority preventive care recommended for them.”

To me, high-priority preventive care in order to keep you well should entail nutrition classes, cooking classes, my Completement Now online wellness program, and my Completement formulas as you learn to take responsibility for your own health. It’s a very basic agenda and could be quite cost effective and ultimately successful for anyone who engages.

Instead medicine says people expect and deserve “…all of the evidence-based clinical preventive services that are appropriate for them.” Just what are these services and how is allopathic medicine and Big Pharma manipulating them?

*Blood pressure screening: High BP is being diagnosed at lower levels so you can immediately be put on 3 BP drugs. See my blogs “3 Antihypertensives Instead of Magnesium?” These drugs cause magnesium deficiency.

*Cholesterol screening: A normal cholesterol used to be 240, now people are being prescribed drugs to force a level of 180-200. These drugs cause magnesium deficiency.

*Breast cancer screening: Mammograms can cause overdiagnosis and overtreatment of DCIS – a breast tissue calcification, which may be a result of magnesium deficiency.

*Colon cancer screening: I do agree with colonoscopy screening by a highly qualified GI specialist for the diagnosis and removal of colon polyps.

*Osteoporosis screening: Bone density tests are recommended that compare you with a 30-yr old’s bone structure. Then you are put on calcium and drugs that stop your osteoclasts from working. Osteoclasts break down bone but also remodel bone. Without them your bones become brittle and fracture easily.

*Obesity screening: The standard treatment is surgical instead of a Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting which allow fat burning and drop your insulin – the only things that will help you lose weight and prevent diabetes.

*Depression screening: A poor diet that causes a lack of magnesium, B vitamins and multiple minerals can set the stage for depression but these causes are being ignored. Depression is screened for the purpose of prescribing antidepressants that cause magnesium depletion.

*Influenza vaccination: The flu vaccine is 6% effective and causes harm due to ingredients such as aluminum and mercury.

As you can see, taking a well absorbed form of magnesium can circumvent the magnesium deficiency conditions mentioned above and lead to true preventive medicine, which includes preventing you from taking unnecessary drugs.

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