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3 Nails in the Magnesium Deficiency Coffin

August 21, 2018

Three Medscape articles in a row caught my eye. I could write a blog on each one but collectively they emphasize the continued failure of modern medicine to recognize the horrendous epidemic of magnesium deficiency. All three articles put the final nail in the coffin for me that modern medicine is never going to recognize this condition. Allopathic doctors will continue to treat magnesium deficiency symptoms with drugs and make people more ill.

1.    “New Definition Means Almost Half the World’s Adult Population Now Hypertensive.”

2.    Epidemic of Atrial Fibrillation

3.    Calcification Valve Deterioration After Heart Valve Surgery

1. I’ve blogged about “A Nation of Hypertensives” being diagnosed because the definition of high BP was lowered in 2017. Now half the world’s adult population has been relegated to the same bucket. Countless studies that I document in my Magnesium Miracle book beg to differ and name magnesium deficiency as the main cause of essential hypertension.

2. The epidemic of AFib is truly scary. Cardiologists are suggesting that up to 20% of seniors will develop AFib. I have a huge section in The Magnesium Miracle about AFib and provide studies and case histories of people who have overcome their AFib. This merely means that their AFib was really just magnesium deficiency and by saturating with magnesium, they overcame their misdiagnosis.

In this article, the experts are challenged by the emergence of AFib in long distance runners citing an incidence of AFib up to 7 times higher in heavy exercisers. Of course they don’t rise to the challenge and equate sweat mineral loss with the occurrence of arrhythmia. However, athletes themselves are making the connection.

3. The third article is about the high incidence of calcification in surgically replaced valves. That immediately should make you think of a magnesium-deficient patient who can’t keep calcium in solution and the calcium precipitates in and around the wounded and scarred valve. The article cites death and repeat surgeries as a result of this calcification. Another nail in this coffin is the statement, “Our study findings also add to the evidence that patients with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are at high risk of faster deterioration of the bioprosthetic valve.” HA, I say, what is the biggest cause of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome? Magnesium Deficiency!

Since your doctors are not going to make these connections and put you, your friends, and your family members on countless medications instead of recommending magnesium, it’s up to you to spread the word. And of course that word is ReMag.

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