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Your Doctor’s Attention Span: 11 Seconds

August 15, 2018

Wow, if you had your doubts about modern medicine before, just try to grasp what this report means for your health. A recent study finds that “Doctors Give Patients 11 Seconds To Explain Reason For Visit Before Interrupting.” Only about one third of primary care doctors and 20% of specialists will actually listen to their patient’s story.

Believe it or not “patient-centered-care” is a fairly new concept in medicine where the patient is considered an independent and capable individual with their own abilities to make informed decisions so they actively participate in their own medical treatment in close cooperation with health professionals. And here you thought you were already part of the decision-making process. Nope. The concept of patient-centered care is “clearly distinguished from a traditional treatment model which views the patient as a passive receiver of a medical intervention.

So, that’s the model that we keep butting our heads against. We think we’re seeing Dr. Marcus Welby who cares about who we are. Instead we’re seeing robot doctors who just want to make the diagnosis and give us the drug.

According to the J Med Pract Manage (2014) the patient-centered care movement began in earnest around 2004, but has expanded considerably in an effort to improve patient outcomes and control healthcare expenses. So, that’s almost 15 years, and what have they accomplished? Not much as far as I can see if this study is any indication. And we hear it first hand from our customers who complain bitterly that modern medicine is not serving them in spite of the high cost of health insurance.

When asked why doctors are in such a rush, the authors suggest “…burnout that many doctors experience could prevent them from adequately serving their patients needs. Other factors include time constraints or simply not receiving strong enough training on how to communicate properly with patients.”

I’ve often said that the publishing industry would love to get rid of writers, maybe it’s the same for medicine, that doctors have no use for patients. I remember my training where we were told to let a patient tell their story; don’t ask leading questions; don’t interrupt!

So, what are you going to do about all this? Hopefully you have already taken steps to be in charge of your own health by using my Completement Formulas, reading my books, and listening to my radio show and archives ( The most important role for allopathic doctors is in providing labs and tests to help you make a diagnosis. Then you choose what form of treatment you want to pursue. However as many of our customers have found, if you are regularly giving yourself the proper building blocks for the body, you won’t even have to run into health challenges.

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