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99% of Doctors Need Help in Making a Diagnosis

September 2, 2018

Here is the lead sentence in the Medscape article “99% of Doctors Need Diagnostic Help.”  “Medical errors have become an accepted if unfortunate part of medical care, but physicians may greatly underestimate how much they contribute to the problem.”

This statement implies that medical errors are part and parcel of medicine, and there is nothing that’s going to change that. A medical informatics specialist says “The average clinician is making a lot of mistakes that they are unaware of.”

The researchers studied diagnostic errors exposed in malpractice claims. A very important statement in this article is “We ask questions about what we know; we don’t ask about what we don’t know.” This is exactly my point in the diagnosis of magnesium deficiency. Clinicians don’t know anything about it so they can’t look into magnesium deficiency and miss the diagnosis every time.

Just as medicine has given up trying to fix medical errors, they have given up trying to train doctors to be better diagnosticians. They are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) instead of relying on doctors’ superficial intelligence.

My concern with any aspect of allopathic medicine and artificial intelligence in medicine is that it’s all geared to drugs or surgery as the primary solutions. They never bring diet, nutrients, commonsense, or humanity into the equation.

I remember going to an appointment with a friend to have a skin lesion examined. The GP did not even get out of her chair to examine the lesion. Instead she said the technician would come in, take a picture of the lesion, send it to dermatology and they would decide whether a referral was in order. The picture was probably run through an AI computer to make the final decision. So, like it or not, that’s the future of medicine.

In my 50 years of studying health and medicine, I find that most unusual skin conditions relate to yeast toxins. Yet, yeast overgrowth producing yeast toxins on the skin will not be in the AI database. The same can be said for the 65 disease conditions that may be magnesium deficiency. Who is going to make the proper diagnosis in these cases. In fact, the reason why doctors are sooooo horribly inadequate when it comes to diagnosis is because they are trying to diagnose magnesium deficiency as something they are familiar with because they certainly don’t know about magnesium deficiency.

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