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Homeopathy Deniers

September 23, 2018

A customer, who knows that I support homeopathy, recently asked if I was aware of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. They are a group of homeopathy consumers, mostly Mothers, who have gotten the FDA’s attention. My customer said “they are actively working to defend our right to choose homeopathy, if that is what we think is best for ourselves and our families.”

She wanted me to become involved and “team up in our efforts to protect people’s right to choose the healing options that are best for them.” She said “If the FDA takes away our right or greatly restricts our ability to use homeopathy, which they are proposing to do, I’m not sure what they will target next.”

Homeopathy Choice has a petition they are presenting to Congress and public comments are being submitted to the FDA to stop the attack on homeopathy. When I went to the Choice website, an article called “Homeopathic Remedies to help with Anxiety” popped up. Homeopathic remedies do help anxiety but such a headline is part of what is getting homeopathy into trouble because the FDA will only allow drugs to be “advertised” as treating disease and they won’t allow the use of the word “cure”.

I know this because the FDA came after me and my company for simply having testimonials on the RnA ReSet website quoting people who said our products helped “cure” their disease. So, there goes the 1st Amendment, which is: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and right to petition.

The position that the FDA enthusiastically and ruthlessly enforces is that only drugs can treat disease and if you say a homeopathic remedy can treat disease then that remedy is defined as a drug and has to undergo a billion dollar drug trial! I don’t know how that “ruling” got to be an enforceable “law” but the FDA can shut down a dietary supplement company for saying their product treats a disease. So, we don’t have the freedom of speech to say that something other than a drug can be helpful to a person with a disease. What if that disease is a magnesium deficiency? They don’t care. The FDA would rather have doctors treat a magnesium deficiency with a drug than with magnesium!

It does not matter that millions of people have been helped with homeopathy;  that there are no side effects; that they are safe to use in infants and children. What does matter is that homeopathic remedies are dirt cheap and they keep people from using OTC drugs or even prescribed drugs, which cuts into drug company profit. End Of Story!

The government will listen to Homeopathy Choice – because they have to listen to citizens – but they will ultimately side with the drug companies. The government and drug companies have an agenda that will be followed, and it’s not the will of the people.

I know all this first hand. I lobbied Washington for a couple of years with the Health Freedom Movement and saw up close the apathy and cynicism of Senators and Congressmen. We were told outright that the government could never support alternative health care because the pharmaceutical companies threaten  to leave the US taking all their manufacturing plants and money elsewhere! Well, they did that anyway and it’s only counterthreats issued by a fearless President Trump that can make the drug companies come back to the US and lower drug prices. But even he is probably not going to “allow” alternative medicine to coexist with allopathic medicine. It’s up to you to do it for yourselves and your friends and family.

From my experience, I know you cannot win the larger battle so don’t lose your energy and health beating up against a brick wall.

I was silenced early on in my career. After I spoke some sober truths about sugar on a national Canadian TV show, I was admonished publically by my licensing board. The board then infiltrated my office with a spy who complained that I refused to give him a homeopathic remedy for his allergies!!! The complaint never went anywhere until 6 years later – when I no longer had a Canadian license because I was doing AIDS research in New York. Without my knowledge or presence my non-existent license was removed and I was denounced publically. This was likely done as a warning to others who wished to attack Big Sugar and not follow the standard practice of medicine. This attack effectively kept me out of mainstream media so that I could not spread my message and allows alternative medicine critics to vilify my work. There are many unbelievable details to this story, which you can read on my website: “Unfounded Attack on Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. by Licensing Board and Stephen Barrett.”

Homeopathy is an alternative, magnesium is an alternative, anything that’s not drugs and surgery is an alternative. You can read Death by Modern Medicine for the reasons why I stay low key and do the best I can to help people stay healthy. And that’s what I recommend: stay low key and use your energy and resources to stay healthy. If you do have energy to protest, write letters, and sign petitions, do that, but not at the expense of your health and sanity.

When it comes to Homeopathy, if remedies are going to be taken away from us, I recommend people obtain instruments to make their own. I got my machine from the UK many years ago. But I notice there are several companies in the US selling machines that can make homeopathic remedies. I think that’s the answer to the current crisis. Research the best machine, call up the company and ask questions. Don’t ask me, I don’t know any of these new companies. Then get together with friends and family and purchase a machine and the special cards that go into the machine to make a remedy. You can make remedies in small dropper bottles in advance and store them, or make them as needed.

When I was in practice in Toronto I would study the symptoms of each influenza epidemic and match it to a homeopathic remedy and make that remedy in my machine for patients. And they always worked!

Actually, I must clarify that I don’t use homeopathic remedies like I used to. I find that my Completement Formulas keep my body in such a balanced state that I don’t develop symptoms. When I did get a sore throat after a plane ride a few months ago – 6 tsp of Pico Silver was all my immune system required.

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