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Let’s Prevent Heart Disease 

September 12, 2018

It seems a reasonable statement. Let’s not wait until you have full blown heart disease requiring a half-dozen drugs. Let’s keep your heart healthy and prevent heart disease. But in a Medscape article, “Do Cardiologists Care About CV Prevention“? Dr. Walton-Shirley says that apparently they do not! Her comments arose out of the European Society of Cardiology 2018 session Implementation of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Daily Practice—Insights From EUROASPIRE V.

The doctor said that “Unarguable data reveal that most of us do not offer our patients what will ultimately save them from myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, and death: prevention strategies. The presentations prove that we are running our patients ‘in and out of clinics’ but not engaging them.”

Another doctor at the session commented that “We are not really focusing on what’s important. Yes, we need emergent care, but the follow-up is horrible.” Of course the follow up is drugs and rehab and most doctors don’t involve themselves with rehabilitation medicine – it’s not their specialty!

Doctors were interested in the talk “Screening for Diabetes in Patients with CAD—How Should It Be Done?” The presenter said that everyone with heart disease should be screened for diabetes and if there is any sign of that disease, they should be treated immediately. Now this is something doctors can get behind – testing and prescribing!

The talk reviewed data from as early as 1993 showing that having diabetes in addition to one, two, or three risk factors (dyslipidemia, systolic blood pressure > 120 mm Hg, and smoking) increases your risk for death significantly. It’s these studies that allow doctors to immediately begin prescribing to prevent high blood sugar, high blood pressure or elevated lipids. This seemed to be the focus of the whole conference. How soon can we begin prescribing meds to prevent heart disease?

I suppose I’d be scared as well to hear that the International Diabetes Federation projects a 50% increase in the incidence of diabetes by 2045, from 425 million people with diabetes to 629 million worldwide. But if drugs were the answer why is diabetes still so out of control? It’s out of control because doctors just manage diabetes by allowing people to continue to eat sugar and other carbs and give them more and more meds and insulin to control the sugar in their diet.

In my experience, the first step in preventing heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, and high cholesterol involves the building blocks in my Completement Formulas.

For a diet that can reverse diabetes, read Dr. Jason Fung’s book The Diabetes Code. For the truth about taking statin drugs for cholesterol read The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. You can read my free eBook Atrial Fibrillation: ReMineralize Your Heart for important information about arrhythmia, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

You will hear none of this information at heart conferences or in your doctor’s office. Let’s face it, doctors do not have the time to prevent heart disease, they only have the time to treat it with drugs once it’s claimed your body.

You are the only one who can prevent these conditions from occurring in the first place!

If you read this Medscape article all they seem to want to do is lower cholesterol. They mention a 11% positive result if you lower your LDL cholesterol. What does that even mean? And is that enough to get excited about – 11%? All they talk about is how the statins lower cholesterol – not that the statins will make you live longer – because they don’t!

At the conference they insist that programs that measure, monitor, and manage risk factors by prescribing, uptitrating, and monitoring adherence to medications reduce all-cause mortality. But there is so much manipulation of the statistics that I can’t even make sense of them.

It’s obvious that so-called preventative cardiology is geared toward diagnosing risk factors and taking drugs. It’s got nothing to do with nutrients to support the structure and function of the heart and therefore they will never get beyond assessing risk factors and prescribing medications earlier and earlier in a vain attempt to prevent disease. Instead they will be causing the disease to manifest earlier because of the toxic and magnesium-depleting side effects of drugs.

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