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A Safe Weight Loss Drug?

October 25, 2018

Here’s an oxymoron, or is it just a moronic and unfounded statement? “A Safe Weight Loss Drug That Works” is an article in Medscape touting a new drug that gives a person a miraculous 5% weight loss. Yes, a 5% weight loss.

I’m especially annoyed with this recent weight loss drug promotion because I’ve seen such success with the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting. One of our customers, Randall, has lost 140 pounds over the past year on our Completement Formulas along with Keto and Fasting.

Instead of just telling people to stop sugar and eat more fat, a drug company funded a 3-year trial involving 12,000 overweight and obese patients to prove that their new wonder drug – lorcaserin, sold under the brand name Belviq, did not increase the risk for major adverse cardiovascular events when compared with placebo. What about minor CV events? What about other side effects, what about weight loss? Was it even effective?

The focus on preventing cardiovascular events stems from the dangers of amphetamines on the heart. Many of us remember the horrors of the heart stopping drug “fen/phen”. One half the drug was a type of amphetamine. Now obesity specialists are announcing that “Weight loss drugs are underused.” And their new drug is supposedly heart-friendly.

OK, back to weight loss. Remember the 5% weight loss? It only occurred for just over one third of them – 39%. As noted it didn’t cause heart disease, but neither did it help improve heart health. How could it – with only 5% weight loss.

I lost 5% of my weight or 5.75 lbs after a few weeks of Keto and a few 3-day fasts! What on earth were these people doing for 3 years to only lose 5%? It’s mind boggling the amount of time and money that’s wasted to squeeze out a tiny bit of proof to support a drug that will probably make billions of dollars. That is after they spend a few million dollars on marketing. How dare they flaunt titles like “A Safe Weight Loss Drug That Works.”

The researchers make the disingenuous statement “When diet and lifestyle alone are not working, are we doing our patients a disserve to not offer them this option?” The trouble is they never offer their patients a diet that will work – Keto and Fasting. And they never offer them the minerals, methylated B vitamins and protein powder that will truly help.

I could rant on like this for a few more pages but you get the point. Keto (with lots of low carb vegetables), Intermittent Fasting, and the Completement Formulas. Try that experiment on yourself and let me know how it goes!

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