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Bribes for Drugs

October 28, 2018

Lord Sufferin’ Cats, now I’ve heard it all. Big Pharma is “Paying Physicians, Patients to Lower LDL-C” because it’s cost effective! I guess with all the negative associations people have with cholesterol statin drugs these days, with all the terrible side effects, with the fact that cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease, patients have to be paid to take their medicine and doctors have to be paid to prescribe it!

Stop for one second and remind yourself that if the drugs were working and didn’t cause harm, people would take them! But they aren’t working. Case Closed.

They can’t say that taking cholesterol drugs adds years to a patient’s life, because it doesn’t. All cholesterol drugs do is knock down cholesterol while causing serious side effects. So, medicine and Big Pharma has to keep saying cholesterol is the problem so they can prescribe and sell statin drugs. And that’s why they have to bribe people to take them.

And the great news is that bribery is cost effective! Cost effective for whom? Big Pharma, that’s whom!! We have commercialized medicine to the tipping point, folks. I keep thinking it can’t go on like this much longer without a general revolt. But there won’t be one. Big Pharma doesn’t have to worry because the younger generation doesn’t know the difference between assembly-line medicine and medicine that treats the whole person.

In fact, a new survey shows that doctors get higher “ratings” on Internet websites when they prescribe antibiotics for colds and flus instead of giving advice to rest and drink fluids. In case you missed the news flash – antibiotics are dangerously overused and they aren’t working anymore. Read my last blog “What are MARCoNS?” for the scary details.

The article doesn’t use the word bribery but says “financially incentivizing patients and physicians to control low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) is cost-effective.”

Does no one see the ethical and moral corruption engendered with this approach? Obviously not because this analysis was published Sept 14, 2018 in JAMA online so it passed a peer-review board.

The researchers were also excited that Big Brother behavior modification worked on the control group “who only used the electronic pill bottle but weren’t given any financial incentives whatsoever, they still saw significant cholesterol lowering. So, just knowing that someone knew every time you didn’t twist open your pill bottle helped people change their behavior, and was cost-effective compared to usual care.”

But back to my main point. Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, calcification and magnesium deficiency are the causes of heart disease. PLEASE read Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s The Great Cholesterol Con.

Comments on the study praised it as being “sophisticated and rigorous.” They said

“This study was very thoughtfully performed with an eye toward providing something relevant to insurers, payers, and employers.” Yup, remember, those are the most important people in medicine – insurers, payers, and employers! Not the patient, who would rather have something safe and effective – like ReMag!

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