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Insulin is Running Out!

October 21, 2018

In my last blog I mentioned that the diabetic drug, Metformin, was being promoted as an anti-aging miracle. However the most recent study on the drug found that “Metformin and insulin ineffective in improving beta cell function in kids with type 2 diabetes.”

 Another crisis in diabetic care is the short supply of insulin. A Medscape article “Diabetes Patients Beg, Ration Insulin in Deepening Crisis” highlights the concern of suffering patients. Out-of-pocket costs of insulin range from $200 to over $1000 a month.

Diabetes and diabetic care is a very serious issue and getting more serious because now people who are in need of insulin can’t get it. But did you know that insulin causes weight gain, which perpetuates diabetes. It’s insulin that responds to sugar and then causes weight gain. So, if the original enemy is insulin, why are we giving people more insulin to manage their sugar intake when we should just stop sugar and carbs?

Another article on Medscape caught my eye “The Emerging Role of the Diabetologist.” But I couldn’t bear to open it because there should be no diabetologists and there should not be diabetic epidemic. Consider this, there isn’t a Nutrition specialty in medicine – but there are Diabetologists! Doctors are enabling disease, not curing it.

OK, that’s enough information – Metformin’s not working and insulin is disappearing! Let me tell you my solution right off the bat. This crisis presents the perfect opportunity for doctors to take a moral, ethical, effective stance and begin prescribing the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting to their sick and dying diabetic patients! It’s a proven solution yet it’s still the elephant in the corner, under the rug with a gag in its mouth! To the Keto Diet, I would add the Completement formulas that give people the nutrients that are missing from our food supply.

Why isn’t this diet splashed all over the headlines? Instead, here is the latest medical approach to diabetes – giving lots of drugs and giving them earlier. “Three Drug Combo Stops Progression To Diabetes.” They want doctors to prescribe 3 drugs (one of which is an injectable) in the prediabetic stage to prevent the disease. What scientific study do they base their recommendations on?

1.    81 patients were given the 3 drugs and lifestyle therapy. No patients progressed to diabetes.

2.    141 patients were given 2 drugs and lifestyle therapy. Seven patients or 5% progressed to diabetes.

3.    They gave 200 patients lifestyle therapy alone. Twenty-one, or 11% of this group went on to develop diabetes.

Let me just do the math here. Of 222 patients given drugs, 7 developed diabetes. Of 200 patients without drugs, 21, or 11% developed diabetes. And Voila! simply because 14 more patients developed diabetes in the non-drug group – drugs are declared the winner and doctors will be encouraged to prescribe them for millions of patients. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. The numbers are too low – they could have occurred by chance. Besides, what were the lifestyle recommendations? Certainly not the Keto Diet and my Completement Formulas!

Let’s face it, a successful Keto Diet is not going to make anybody any money; it’s only going to make patients well again. And making patients well is no longer the mandate of medicine. Instead the mandate of modern medicine and modern medical doctors is to push drugs.

Doctors can go online, just like you can, and find solutions to most diseases – but they are bullied and corralled into “the standard practice of medicine” and are only allowed to prescribe drugs and surgery and expensive tests that put people on drugs sooner and sooner!

The only solution is to tell everyone you know who is diabetic or prediabetic to:

1.    Take ReMag – and eventually all the other Completement Formulas.

2.    Read Dr. Jason Fung’s book The Diabetes Code

3.    Do the Keto diet, which just means they stop sugar and carbs and get well because you stop insulin surges.

4.    Practice Intermittent Fasting to lose weight, which is much easier than you think especially when you take ReMag and the Completement Formulas.

Use your commonsense and realize that doctors who continue to allow their patients to eat sugar and take insulin and diabetic drugs are enabling the disease. Continuing along a path that obviously doesn’t work is the very definition of insanity.

Yes, these are fighting words and I’m fighting against the medical tradition that pats you on the head and says “I’ll take care of you, just take these drugs.” We all need to get out from under that pat-tronizing attitude toward your body and your health. You can become responsible for your health in such simple ways that it will make your head spin. Disease does not have to be your destiny. Make this your mantra “Disease is not my destiny.” and move forward to your new healthy life.

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