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What are MARCoNS?

October 17, 2018

A customer recently told us that the lab report came back on her infected wisdom teeth and they found something that she said sounded very scary. It’s MARCoNS, which is Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus bacteria. But the good news is that it’s not that bad because I’m pretty sure I have it!

I acquired mine when I first set foot in a hospital during my second year of med school. Staph is so epidemic in hospitals that “Two weeks after being hung, 87.5% of hospital privacy curtains were contaminated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), even though none of the patients in those rooms had the infection.”

MARCoNS are a step up from MRSA having 6 resistant antibiotics, not just one. And there will be more scary names for these Staph organisms as they continue to outwit doctors.

I found a blog that gave a good outline of this condition and I used it to point out what’s wrong with the current thinking about MARCoNS for our customer. I’ll pass that information along to you as well.

Blog: Millions of people in America have a chronic infection in their sinuses of these robust bacteria. They don’t respond to oral antibiotics and in fact can thrive when people are put on antibiotics over and over again for sinus infections.

CD: They thrive in an antibiotic environment because that environment creates yeast overgrowth! Even the Mayo Clinic in a long-ago study said that 97% of sinus infections were fungal-based. When you have yeast or mold or fungus irritating and colonizing your nasal, ear and mouth mucus membranes, you create the environment that encourages Staph to grow. When my yeast is overgrown from eating too much sugar, I will get nasal boils that are Staph infections. Quitting sugar usually makes them go away but I tell patients, clients and customers to go one step further and do a yeast detox protocol and use Pico Silver every day to boost the immune system against yeast and Staph.

Blog: And probably more common in those that use nasal steroids like Flonase on a regular basis for allergies and chronic sinus issues.

CD: News flash! Steroids grow yeast! So, that’s the best way to keep Staph alive!

Blog: Flonase is now OTC (over-the-counter) which might create even more resistance.

CD: Flonase nasal spray and inhaled powder are strong fluoride drugs that deplete magnesium by creating a MgFl2 compound, which further depletes your immune system. MgFl2 is a brittle compound that, I think is implicated in fluoroquinolone tendon rupture.

Blog: We should always remember to respect microorganisms that have evolved and co-evolved (with us) over millions and billions of years. MARCoNS produce a biofilm that protects it from harm.

CD: Knowledge is even better than respect. Know that microorganisms only infect and overgrow in a system that is weak or debilitated. Sugar and corticosteroids weaken the immune system and set you up for Staph overgrowth. It’s important to know that Biofilms are also inhabited by yeast, yeast toxins and calcium. The chemical chelator EDTA is used to dissolve biofilm. I’d rather use the much safer ReMag to dissolve the calcium in biofilm and treat yeast with a yeast protocol.

Blog: The colony of bacteria sequester within a thick mucusy substance that antibiotics can’t penetrate.

CD: That’s why I recommend eliminating yeast and calcium to thin the mucus and allow Pico Silver to saturate the area and support the immune system. Personally I would use Pico Silver as a nasal spray and mouthwash. If an antibiotic resistant infection occurs in body parts that can be poulticed – clay poultices can be used to draw out the infection. Personally I would use Pico Silver orally and mix it in with the clay.

Blog: MARCoNS have another survival mechanism. They deplete something called alpha-MSH. AKA Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, has many functions and is essential for immune function. One expert called alpha-MSH “the field general of the immune system.”

CD: One of the 700-800 enzyme systems that requires magnesium as a cofactor is alpha-MSH. So you must use magnesium when dealing with MARCoNS.

The article goes on to say that doctors have to dance around various antibiotics to kill the staph. MARCoNS is already resistant to 6 antibiotics but they keep using antibiotics for it and will create resistance to many more.

Even alternative medicine practitioners use antibiotics. The current alternative treatment is a compounded nasal spray with bactroban, EDTA (to break up the biofilm) and gentamicin in a nasal spray called BEG. Unfortunately, bactroban should only be used for 2 weeks, or Staph will develop resistance. However, most people have to be on BEG for months. And that’s because they don’t do a yeast protocol and they don’t use Pico Silver!

As long as allopathic and alternative medicine keeps ignoring yeast overgrowth and magnesium and mineral deficiency, they will keep having to go to war with our bacterial environment and keep on losing.

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