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Are We Wrong About Fevers?

November 12, 2018

This Medscape headline caught my eye “Are We Wrong About Fevers?” The discussion turned to defining a normal temperature as a baseline. Apparently, Dr. Carl Wunderlich at the University of Leipzig, beginning in the mid-1800s, over a 16-year period, recorded the axillary temperatures of over 25,000 patients. In 1868 he reported that 98.6° F (37° C) was the average body temperature.

In 1992 Mackowiak analyzed the temperatures of 148 healthy volunteers and found the average temperature to be 98.2° F (36.8° C). In 2018 a crowdsourced study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine documented that the mean temperature for males was 97.7° F (36.5° C), and the mean female temperature was 97.88° F (36.6° C).

Oh, say the experts, Wunderlich must have been wrong. They accept the “facts” of the test results without any critical examination. The author of the Medscape paper is “interested to see what other ‘accepted facts’ we are being taught in medicine”.

I have a different interpretation of these three studies. To me they show the decline in the average body temperature. In a word – Hypothyroidism! When your thyroid is weak and producing less thyroid hormone your basal metabolic rate slows down and your temperature drops!

We have an epidemic of hypothyroidism that began a few decades ago, thus the 1992 level that was lower than the 1868 level. Now in 2018 it’s even lower. Before blindly accepting these temperatures, they should at least ask WHY! Low magnesium can also be responsible for a lowering of your temperature but that may be via the thyroid.

But the scary thing is the acceptance of measurements as the end all and be all. Like magnesium RBC levels. They are also declining as magnesium deficiency reaches epidemic proportions. A few years ago the average range of magnesium RBC levels was 4.2-6.8. This year the level is 3.8 to 6.0 as the population gets sicker and sicker and their magnesium gets lower and lower. But it’s got nothing to do with normal, it’s just the average range of the sick population.

Even if you are sitting across from your doctor with a migraine, eyelid twitching, heart palpitations, wheezing, cramping, and tingling, if your magnesium RBC is 3.8 YOUR MAGNESIUM IS DEEMED NORMAL and you are offered a handful of drugs.

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