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Clone of Magnesium Citrate and Ceruloplasmin Clarification

November 30, 2018

As Morley Robbins said in a post to the Magnesium Advocacy Group Dec 14, 2016, he and I don’t agree that magnesium citrate should be avoided. Morley gives the link to a recent paper that I sent him by the highly credentialed magnesium expert, Dr. Andrea Rosanoff, from the Center for Magnesium Education and Research. The paper is called Magnesium Citrate and Ceruloplasmin Consumer Education and Overview.

Besides the fact that Dr. Rosanoff says there is no evidence for concern about magnesium citrate and ceruloplasmin, my position is that I don’t see any upside to scaring people about a magnesium compound that has been used for decades with no side effects. (I personally don’t use it because it gives me the laxative effect, which is why I created ReMag from magnesium chloride.)

The problem that Morley sees with ceruloplasmin and copper regulation being in disarray, is unfortunately the case for ANY body process you investigate because everything in our body is now compromised by environmental toxins (including yeast overgrowth), unhealthy lifestyle, and mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Rather than getting hung up on all those various possible problems, I decided to offer the tools to overcome a multitude of problems that we face. And here is where Morley and I agree.

All the recommendations that Morley makes in his Root Cause Protocol are covered by my Total Body ReSet formulas gleaned from the information that I’ve been accumulating for almost 50 years!

A few years ago, people started saying to me – “Stop giving me more to read and study, just tell me what to do.” So, I went one better and started providing a handful of high quality products online. Being presented with a long list of supplements to take can be overwhelming as you try to find the right products within the current 29,000 supplements on the market. Also, instead of relying on health forums to “educate” people, where the advice given by members can be OK for them but dangerous for someone else, I’m able to hire great customer service advisers to help people on their path to wellness.

I did start out selfishly creating my formulas because I needed a non-laxative magnesium for myself, so I made ReMag, a completely unique, highly concentrated, stabilized magnesium ion from magnesium chloride. Morley should be recommending ReMag because it is the most therapeutic magnesium that you can find. When people get saturated with ReMag, dozens of symptoms that they thought were due to other causes, vanish.

After ReMag, I made a bioavailable multiple mineral, ReMyte (12 minerals including zinc, boron, iodine etc. that Morley recommends). ReMyte helps people get off their thyroid meds (among hundreds of other functions). Why “replace” thyroid hormone when you can make your own with the right building blocks? ReMyte does have a very small amount of copper to provide bioavailable, cellular copper and a much larger proportion of zinc, which helps detox excess “toxic” copper.

Morley recommends methylated B’s, which are in my ReAline, thus circumventing the MTHFR snps as ReMag “heals” the problem. It also contains two sulfur-based amino acids, L’methionine, the precursor to glutathioine (so the body can detox when it is able and not be forced to) and L’taurinie, which does much more than support the liver’s copper metabolism.

The rest of my protocol includes ReStructure, which is my amazing protein/carb/fat, meal replacement, “protein powder,” which, along with RnA Drops helps heal the gut. Then there is ReCalcia, which is a bioavailable, cellular calcium (with boron and vanadium) that some people really require. I know Morley says NO calcium but that make NO sense if you can’t get calcium in your diet.

In a blog of my Supplement Recommendations  I give the above resources and also list: Cod liver oil and butter oil (Blue Ice Royal) for the combined Vit D, K2, and Vit A that is necessary for ceruloplasmin production. Food based Vitamin C or you can make their own Liposomal Vit C from Rose Hips. Soil based probiotics: Prescript Assist. I also recommend Celtic or Himalayan salt in drinking water for the adrenals (along with the B’s in ReAline, vitamin C, and ReMag).

As a clinician, I try not to overwhelm people by giving them a long list of things they have to stop. I’ve never thought “avoidance” was the way to solve health problems – but rather to boost the body’s own ability to heal. I also make sure they stay on their medications and only wean off when they are feeling better. The bonus of this protocol is that by starting with ReMag, people do get more energy that helps them cope with changing their diet and lifestyle.

Morley and I agree on many points but there is one particular recommendation where we disagree. I do not advise taking the adrenal cocktail for several reasons. Most people with chronic health problems have yeast overgrowth, and concentrated orange juice is contraindicated. Also, we don’t really know the amount of potassium in every cream of tartar product. Apparently 1 tsp has 500mg of potassium and if you take 1 full tsp in this cocktail you can throw off your other electrolytes. There is a reason why the FDA won’t allow potassium products to contain more than 99mg per dose, because you can develop heart arrhythmia from too much potassium. Making your own potassium broth is far safer because there are many other minerals in the broth that help balance potassium. Also, the sea salt in the cocktail is better taken slowly through the day in your drinking water for the same reason – you don’t want your body to take on a big dose of sodium that has to be immediately adjusted by the other electrolytes in the blood stream.

I thank Morley for the opportunity to share this information since our goals are the same – helping people take charge of their health and feeling better and better every day.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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