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Why Doctors Fear Magnesium 

November 21, 2018

It doesn’t seem rationale, but doctors are afraid of magnesium because they really don’t know anything about it. In med school we were told over and over again that if we came upon some treatment that we didn’t learn in our medical training, that it just wasn’t valid. Incredibly that goes for all the nutrients that we know the body needs as building blocks.

That fact became very real to me this month when I got roped into a panel discussion on a mainstream ESPN radio show. The panel was very diverse – a male model turned yogi, a rap artist, a psychologist and a couple of medical doctors. The discussion was about insomnia with a focus on children. I was about 7th on the list and by the time they got to me, the solutions ranged from letting an infant cry themselves to sleep to what drugs to use, especially if a child was hyped up because he was on ADHD meds!

I immediately said that I had the solution for both kids and adults – magnesium. I couldn’t help but say that kids on ADHD meds often ended up on antidepressants and most, if not all, the young people involved in suicides and homicides were on these drugs.

That statement was a big red flag to the doctors, who don’t want to be held accountable for their prescribing practices. So, when I said that taking magnesium could be as simple as putting a child in an Epsom salts bath – a male doctor asked me what was the science behind my advice. I told him about the 1,000+ studies by Drs. Burton and Bella Altura. Then a woman doctor announced that if the child swallowed the bath water they could have diarrhea.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud – at which point I was cut off by the host. It was more of an Oh My! laugh and not a Ha Ha Laugh. As in ‘Oh my goodness gracious’ how could a doctor be so _____. You fill in the blank!

The doctor probably immediately Googled Epsom salts and found that taken orally in high doses the salts could be laxative and she quickly sought to discredit my advice. But I still was perplexed by this lack of commonsense and lack of openness to non-drug solutions.

It finally came to me when I was reading a story about a 3rd year medical student learning about magnesium sulfate used in obstetrics for women with eclampsia (headaches, seizures, fluid retention, and high blood pressure). On the ward a mistake was made on the rate of delivery of the MgSO4 and the patient rapidly received 40,000mg of magnesium. (Note, one tsp of ReMag contains 300mg, so this dose was equivalent to almost 3 bottles of ReMag swallowed at once.) That amount of magnesium threw off her electrolyte balance catastrophically and she died – likely of an arrhythmia.

I realize that is what doctors learn about magnesium – the negative effects of too much. They are not in med school to learn about nutrients or how to keep people healthy. The medical mandate is to diagnose disease and treat disease symptoms with drugs. Unfortunately drug side effects are mounting as are nutrient deficiencies and doctors don’t know how to turn back the clock on their failed education.

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