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Be A Health Outlaw!

December 5, 2018

My blog “Why Doctors Fear Magnesium” revealed the narrow mindedness of doctors and triggered many irate stories from readers. Here’s one:

“My sister has osteoarthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, and several other things and she’s gone to a rheumatologist for a while. At the last visit, the doc mentioned that my sister’s “numbers” were much better and what they are giving her to do is obviously working well.

My sister said no, I’m not following your protocol but doing what my sister has recommended, which is a combination of probiotics, your ReMag and other Completement products. The doctor AND her assistant both told her that’s not possible. When my sister insisted that’s the only changes she made, they actually told her that she was LYING. So much for mainstream doctors.

I have a doctor in the family and her mother has heart issues and takes pills for restless legs. When she caught me giving her Mom some magnesium she went ballistic and lit into me.  If I didn’t know I was right, I could have been humiliated but I just chalked it up to her giant Dr. God ego. I’m giving the Mom some magnesium lotion in a swapped out bottle for Xmas. Hah!  Take that, Dr. God.”

I told this customer that we are health outlaws! And that reminded me of the derogatory term Health Nut! How crazy is it to call someone who wants to be healthy a Nut!!

Another customer said “I truly believe that a lot of these doctors checked their thinking processes at the door!!!” That does seem to be true because when you look at the lifestyles of med students, interns, residents, and doctors, how on earth can they be examples of health and wellness for their patients. One caller into Bob’s Tuesday radio show “What Youth?” was shocked that at a college Physician’s Assistant “open house” the students were told to get used to drinking lots of coffee to keep up with the long hours they would have to spend studying. It made him want to turn tail and run from a profession that didn’t promote the very basics of good health.

Even worse, it does seem like Modern Medicine is a cult where you have to accept what the cult dictates or you are ostracized. For example, the cult decides that a doctor’s visit only needs to be 5-7 minutes and everyone has to accept that decree. A friend said that every 30 seconds after her 5 minutes was up with her ophthalmologist, someone knocked on his door to hurry him up.

The best way to become a health outlaw and a health nut is to put yourself in charge of your own health. When it comes to being a health outlaw in the face of medical authorities, do what our customer is doing – “I’m giving the Mom some magnesium lotion in a swapped out bottle for Xmas. Hah!”

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