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Adapt, Adopt, and Survive

January 20, 2019
After several conversations with a keen and cool millennial, I realized I should consider my own mantra of “adapt, adopt, and survive” when I discuss millennials and their drug intake. 
You can Google what I’ve previously written about ADHD and Ritalin. My blog, “Recycling Amphetamines” speaks to the generation of young people who have grown up on drugs like Ritalin and continue to use amphetamines like Adderall to “tweak” their brainpower. I’ve always had the assumption that brain-altering drugs are a bad thing but it may just be that the brains of some of these young people are adapting to them. 
Other highly functioning millennials that I know use recreational marijuana to relax after a hard day at work or university. Others that I hear about use it as a sacramental ritual. So, although my generation thinks MJ dulls the senses etc. etc., these young people make it work for them in ways that only they and their bodies understand and in ways that science will probably never investigate.
Medicine is very busy studying genomics so they can use genes to test who can benefit from a particular drug. It could be that the genes of these young people are adapting to drugs. Maybe there are gene variations that enhance liver enzymes that detoxify these drugs making users less susceptible to side effects. And maybe we will never know because nobody is going to do that research. 
Like I said, I’ve become less judgmental about this type of experimentation but what I do say is that you still want your body to be saturated with minerals and the basic vitamins if you are taking any drugs.
We are all adapting to our new environment and that’s where I think our Completement Formulas are assisting. I do know millennials who are taking our products and they tell me they require less drugs to get the reaction they desire and in some cases enhanced nutrient supplementation is all they require. They like that feeling because it puts them in total control of their chemical body.
I’ve always said that you can take all our products no matter your level of health or illness and not matter what drugs or supplements you are on. And what I also know is that taking our products usually results in more health, less drugs, and fewer supplements.
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