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Athletes’ Yips? Magnesium Deficiency 

February 24, 2019
This Medscape article “When Athletes Fail: The Science Behind ‘The Yips’” caught my attention because I’d never heard of this bizarre term ‘Yips’ or its association with athletes. 
Apparently Yips is a state of extreme nervousness in a golfer that can be accompanied by an involuntary jerk, twitch, or shake that blows an otherwise easy putt. 
Neurologists are trying to give this condition its proper due and remove the derogatory term “choking” or “failing to succeed” in the times of stress that occur in competitive sports. They are trying to determine whether Yips is psychological or neurological, and if Yips occurs in other stressful fields like music or surgery. Other sports that acknowledge Yips are baseball, basketball, and darts.
Its possible neurological origin was identified in a 1980 publication equating it with focal dystonia. But even if they ‘prove’ it’s a neurological condition, that doesn’t tell us what is causing the nerves to react. 
In various publications over the years I mention focal dystonia as a possible magnesium deficiency. We also know that athletes lose minerals, especially magnesium, due to heavy sweating. Of course, the stress of competition depletes magnesium. I can definitely say that whether the cause is neurological or psychological, the first line of intervention should be magnesium.
It never ceases to amaze me that the athletic world has not caught onto the fact that magnesium, especially ReMag, could make their lives so much healthier, happier, and painless. 
The article goes on to detail the objective testing they are doing on golfers’ muscles using EMG (electromyography) to prove whether the condition is neurological or psychological. Of course they say the goal is to find treatments. 
Individuals who have a psychological cause may respond to biofeedback. But they admit that people who have a neurologic cause may not respond at all to such interventions. And then in true allopathic fashion, without any mention of diet, lifestyle, or nutrients, it’s onto pharmacology. They say that if they know it’s a neurologic cause, there may be a medication they could be offered.
So, I’m thinking, why not just put a few hundred of the several hundred thousands of dollars you want to spend on this testing and buy some ReMag and give it to athletes who suffer from the Yips and watch the symptoms disappear! They will start feeling calmer, more relaxed, sleep better, and not have anxiety that can lead up to a Yip.
Any athlete or anyone who exercises regularly should be on ReMag and ReMyte to replace all the minerals being lost. You think you are helping your body with exercise and are shocked when you begin to have tics, twitches, muscle spasms, heart palpitations, and chest pain. You think you’re exercising to prevent all that but instead you are causing symptoms of magnesium deficiency that no one can diagnose! The remedy is very simple – ReMag.
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