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Statin Safety – An Oxymoron

February 10, 2019

How is it even possible that it took the American Heart Association (AHA) until Dec 2018 to produce their “First Scientific Statement on Statin Safety” over 30 years since statins were approved? It comes at a time when the death knell has been sounded for cholesterol being a cause of heart disease. Even the title of their statement is disingenuous. They embed Statin Safety in the title instead of Statin Harm, which is the true nature of statins for many patients. 

I have written so many blogs about the lack of scientific documentation that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease that I won’t list them but just ask you to Google my name and cholesterol. But I will remind you to read the book The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. 

The AHA blindly maintains that cholesterol is the bad guy – and simultaneously is covering up statin side effects. They conclude that “the benefits (preventing heart disease) of these commonly used drugs greatly outweigh the risks.” 

Tell that to the 20 million+ people who suffer statin side effects. 200 million people worldwide take statins, and at least 10% have side effects; some sources say 20-30%. I know I have a biased population but just about every customer who takes our products has or had statin side effects so I think the number is closer to 30%. 

But the AHA denies all of this even though they admit “One in four Americans older than 40 years of age are taking statins, and about 10% will discontinue statin therapy because of adverse-effect symptoms or concerns, according to a report in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.” The AHA maintains that patients are deluded when they claim to have statin side effects and are just responding to the negative press about the drugs.

The AHA says since the side effects usually go away when treatment is stopped then it’s not really a side effect! In the meantime doctors often deny their patients’ side effects, keep them on statins, and give them pain killers, anti-anxiety drugs, and sleeping pills for symptoms they say are unrelated.

Imagine doctors giving the excuse that because there is so much negative press about statins that people imagine they have muscle pain. Bottom line – they just don’t believe patients who say they have muscle pain! They say that if there is true muscle damage then CPK blood test should be elevated. But elevation of CPK is rare.

Another cause for concern about this paper, and its pro statin conclusions, is that 2 of the 4 authors have strong ties to the drug industry.

What do I recommend for the structure and function of the heart and to balance cholesterol? “Magnesium: A Natural Statin!” 

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