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Create the Disease and Offer the Cure for Kids

March 10, 2019
I’ve used the title Create the Disease and Offer the Cure before in a post about potential goldmines for Big Pharma in treating Adult ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Middle of the Night Insomnia, Excessive Sleepiness, Shift Work Sleep Disorder, and Insomnia That is Really Depression.
In this present blog I’m critiquing an article in Medscape titled “One in Six US Kids Have Mental Health Disorders.” According to a JAMA Pediatrics journal 2019 study, ‘only’ half of these children receive treatment from a mental health professional. I put ‘only’ in quotes because I don’t know that mental health professionals are the best people to take care of kids whose ‘mental health’ may be due to nutrient deficiencies, too much sugar and junk food, and ‘addiction’ to social media.
The prevalence of childhood mental health problems ranged from a low of 7.6% in Hawaii to a high of 27.2% in Maine. That should tell you something right there! Kids who are able to get out and enjoy nature are happier! And it doesn’t have to be warm and sunny to get outside and play – too many kids are stuck to their computers and cell phones and are not encouraged to get exercise and fresh air.
Unfortunately this scary title was given to a study that “wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how specific factors might directly impact how many kids are diagnosed or treated for mental health disorders.” So, it’s in the realm of speculation and promotes the medicalization of children. They even say that “If anything, the current study probably underestimates the scope of the problem.” 
Not a word was mentioned about nutrition and nutrients and the impact they have on mental health. 
My recommendations: Spend more family time with your children. Reward them for participating in outdoor activities, safe sports and exercise. And give them the Completement formulas. ReMag and ReStructure are the two best ones for kids. 
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