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Medicine Mad At Supplement Sales

March 4, 2019

Why do I keep harping about the attacks on dietary supplements? It’s because nutrients represent the last bastion of defense that vulnerable medical patients can turn to when drugs and doctors let them down. And allopathic medicine is doing it darndest to keep patients away from supplements. A Medscape article “Supplements and CVD: Why Negative Data Don’t Dampen Sales” shows exactly what I mean.  

The article leads with the erroneous conclusion that “Vitamins and supplements do not prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD).” They crow about the “resounding lack of benefit” and that “negative data abound” all the while ignoring the fact that nutrients can’t be studied one at a time, they all work together. The studies they cite use mostly or only synthetic vitamins and poorly absorbed minerals. And they don’t even bother to look at all the positive studies about magnesium. The people who have taken magnesium and found benefit from their magnesium-deficient heart symptoms don’t understand these studies and may even question their own experience because science tells them what they are taking is bogus. It’s Fake News at its finest!

Anti-nutrient researchers line up all the single nutrient studies that showed no effect and promote the fact that some nutrients even made some people worse – which is really not true. Then they say the $133 billion industry is a waste of money. This article expresses their disbelief that people keep buying products when their fake studies show that they aren’t working. When I’ve been told by researchers that there are supplement casualties, I quickly counter with the truth that it’s likely in sports supplements contaminated with drugs – making it a drug death!

Researchers talk about “medically justifiable” supplements such as calcium or vitamin D from bone health, whereas I would caution people on their intake since they both will reduce the amount of magnesium in the body.

In real life people do find that supplements help them but that’s just not captured in a study of a single nutrient. I do have concerns about the poor absorption of most nutrients but even if a supplement is only working as a placebo at least it doesn’t have side effects.

Doctors also say that supplements can keep people from seeking medical solutions. But it seems that ER visits and doctor’s visits are so accessible that people have lots of medical input so their pursuit of supplements is usually after their medical options run out. The main concern is from drug companies who don’t want supplements to ‘interfere’ with drug taking. But that’s because the health condition was likely due to a nutrient deficiency in the first place.

In the mid 70s, when I was in medical school, I was already convinced about the beneficial effects of better nutrition, nutrients and lifestyle. I certainly thought that within a few years doctors and the public would get the message and strive for a healthy balance between natural and allopathic medicine. I never, ever expected that doctors would make the following statement as they did in this article: “We need to keep reminding the public that the routine use of multivitamin supplementation is costly and unnecessary, we clearly need to remind our peers as well.”

My message continues to be, keep taking your Completement Formulas!

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