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Rewarding Physicians

March 24, 2019

I’ve written blogs about doctors’ dissatisfaction with their jobs and the high suicide rate. I say it because their patients are also dissatisfied with their drug- and surgery-based treatment. What satisfies doctors? Patients may think that money is a motivation but doctors are increasingly being used to drive revenue into hospitals not into their pockets. So, my title should be Rewarding Hospitals!

A recent Medscape article titled “Physicians Keep Increasing Revenue for Hospitals” was pretty shocking and I couldn’t help but write a short blog to get this off my chest.

Listen to these statistics: “A physicians’ survey shows that independent and employed physicians generated an average of $2.38 million EACH for their affiliated hospitals, a 52% increase from the $1.56 million…in 2016.” You may be concerned to heard that “cardiovascular surgeons generated the most revenue – an average of nearly $3.7 million a year, followed by invasive cardiologists at $3.5 million, neurosurgeons at $3.4 million, and orthopedic surgeons at $3.3 million.”

Family physicians (FPs) added an average of $2.1 million in net revenue while only being paid an average starting salary of $241,000. Emphasizing the commercial nature of medicine is the statement that “Primary care physicians represent an excellent return on investment, which is one reason they have been our number-one search for the last 12 years.” And here I thought the recent push for more primary care docs was to meet patients needs – but nope, it’s to make more money for hospitals. It also explains why Kaiser is going into the medical school business to make more primary care doctors.

Here’s another statistic from the report that should curl your hair. “People over 65 form only 14% of the population but generate 34% of inpatient procedures, 37% of diagnostic tests, and 34% of total spending.” That’s why you keep getting hounded by your health care provider demanding you come for tests and therapies because you are their cash cow!

Not surprisingly our customer base is mostly people over 65 but we aren’t generating $2.1 million for any doctor, we are taking responsibility for our well being by usingthe building blocks for health

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