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Moisturizing for Mental Health

April 28, 2019

The Sacramento Bee published the coolest article titled “Want to Cut Your Risk of Dementia? Moisturize Your Skin, UCSF Researchers Say.” You can read the Full Text of this study about age-damaged skin in older adults. You can even print it out to accompany the bottle of body lotion – filled with ReMag Lotion – that you take to your friend or family member confined to a hospital or nursing home bed!

Here’s what the skin doctors learned. “As aging skin begins to break down, the immune system releases small proteins known as cytokines to signal that there’s inflammation in damaged areas of the skin. These tiny inflammatory cytokines can leak into the body’s circulation system, and if there are enough of them, they trigger body-wide inflammation. That triggers so called “inflamm-aging” among older adults.” This inflammatory condition “may be contributing to a wide range of chronic, age-related conditions that include heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.”

It does make sense that “Once we get old, we have dermatological symptoms like itchiness, dryness and changes in acidity. We’ve long known that older adults have more inflammatory cytokines in circulation than younger people – so it made sense to these researchers that dry skin is the culprit.  

At the conclusion of the study the seniors who used 3 ml of skin cream twice a day for 30 days saw dramatic reductions in three cytokines that have been linked to age-related chronic diseases. The cytokines were interleukin-1 beta, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor whose levels fell to the level of people in their 30s. The study participants, aged 58 to 95, also lowered their skin’s acidity, improved skin hydration, and repaired skin permeability.

The skin cream in the study was an oil-based moisturizer. ReMag Lotion utilizes several seed oils and shea butter as its base. And with the added ReMag liquid in the recipe you have a healing combination of a moisturizer, a hydrator, and also a mineral that is a necessary cofactor in 1,000 enzyme systems that drive over 80% of metabolic functions in the body that will be good for the whole body and not just the brain.

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