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Drug Guide to Treating Insomnia

May 26, 2019
Dr. Carolyn Dean

This Medscape article is “A Drug-by-Drug Guide to Treating Insomnia” but I was excited to see tryptophan, melatonin, and valerian listed among the 14 drugs and supplements for the treatment of insomnia. 

Looking a little closer I saw three prescription categories heading the list.

  • Sleep Onset                
  • Sleep Maintenance                
  • Not Recommended 

Of course, tryptophan, melatonin, and valerian made the Not Recommended list ahead of toxic, addictive, horrible drugs that should be taken off the market.And magnesium didn’t make the list at all even though magnesium deficiency is the most common cause of insomnia.

In the same week the “FDA Adds Boxed Warning to Insomnia Drugs” making me wonder how doctors and drug company employees can sleep at night. Oh, that’s right, doctors aren’t sleeping, they are depressed, suicidal and unhappy in their jobs. Because it’s not a profession, or a calling, it’s just a job sitting at a desk, handing out prescriptions for drugs that have black box warnings!

The back box warning is because of the increase in injury and death resulting from sleepwalking, sleep driving, and engaging in other activities while not fully awake after taking these medicines.

Common Insomnia Causes

Some reports say that insomnia is an epidemic. The above report says “We recognize that millions of Americans suffer from insomnia and rely on these drugs to help them sleep better at night. These incidents can occur after the first dose of these sleep medicines or after a longer period of treatment, and can occur in patients without any history of these behaviors and even at the lowest recommended doses.” 

WHAT? Can occur after the first dose or on the lowest dose! So there is no way you can avoid a potential side effect by taking insomnia pills short term or at the lowest dose. obviously it’s best not to take them at all.

What causes insomnia? The following can make you so tense and anxious that you can’t sleep: anxiety, stress, depression, anger, worry, grief, bipolar disorder, and trauma. All these sleep slayers can be eased or eliminated with ReMag (magnesium). I think the most common magnesium deficiency symptom is insomnia. It’s also so amenable to treatment with magnesium that we say if your sleep isn’t improved with magnesium, then you aren’t taking enough. And that’s why ReMag is the one to turn to because of its non-laxative effect.

If insomnia is caused by anxiety, stress, depression, anger, worry, grief, bipolar disorder, and trauma then it’s no wonder patients end up on long-term prescriptions for sleeping pills because doctors don’t have the time or the training to provide stress counseling for their patients that are under. If the patient mentions their stress the doctor will send them to a psychiatrist who will just prescribe more medications. They also know nothing about nutrients so they don’t know to give their patients magnesium. 

Luckily since you are reading this blog and you can learn more about ReMag for insomnia – and 64 other magnesium-deficient conditions from our vast resources. At www.drcarolyndeanlive.com you can download our 11 free eBooks. The most appropriate ones would be Magnesium Deficient Anxiety, Invisible Minerals Part I: ReMag and ReSet The Yeast Connection.

Here’s what’s in store for you when you take our products:

My husband and I wrote you an email about a month ago telling you how amazing your products are and how great we were feeling with only 3 weeks into your protocol.

We have been on your products for about 3 months now and feel terrific!! My husband’s sugar levels are great!  So, are mine! We continue with the Ketogenic diet along with the yeast protocol.

The terrible pain I had on my back, legs and feet for years, is about gone! My insomnia is gone and I sleep so well at night, it is truly a miracle! My husband’s back pain (due to an injury) is also gone and he also sleeps very soundly at night. We are full of energy and feel amazing! Thank you Dr. Dean for creating such a miracle in our lives.

This is a Facebook testimonial:

Remag is the best magnesium out there. The Magnesium Miracle book is a very good read. Low magnesium can cause all kinds of issues including high blood pressure and insomnia. Takes a while for it to level out once you use a good magnesium that you are absorbing. But you’ll see some improvement right away especially for sleeping. I tried different brands of chelated magnesium but I didn’t get the results I’m getting with ReMag. 

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