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Sugar = Diabetes

May 12, 2019

I’m finally finishing Death by Sugar that I began writing in 1990. That book got me where I am today. When I talked about writing the book on a Canadian national TV show I set off a firestorm in the sugar industry. I guess it was because I spooned out 10 tsp of sugar into a dish to indicate the amount of sugar in a soda and 27 tsp for a milkshake. Such blatant exposure of sugar compelled a Canadian sugar lobby group to attack me through The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The College, of course, is supposed to protect the public from harm, not protect an industry that is harming the public. But we all know we’re living in an Upsidedown World.

In 1990 it was already known that when sugar became available in remote, sugar-free cultures, such as the Canadian Inuit or First Nations, the incidence of diabetes would skyrocket. 

Gary Taubes in his book The Case Against Sugar wrote the following history of sugar and diabetes:

In 1890, Robert Saundby, a former president of the Edinburgh Royal Medical Society, estimated that less than one in every fifty thousand died from the diabetes. William Osler, the legendary Canadian physician often described as the “father of modern medicine,” in his Principles and Practice of Medicine (1892) reported that, of the thirty-five thousand patients since the inception of Johns Hopkins Hospital, only ten had been diagnosed with diabetes. 
By 2012, one in every 7-8 adults in this country had diabetes—12-14%. Another 30% are predicted to get diabetes at some point during their lives. Almost 2 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 – one case every 15-16 seconds. Among U.S. military veterans, one in every four patients admitted to VA hospitals suffers from diabetes. 

Now, in a Medscape article, “Diabetes Has Lethal Consequences in Asia”, researchers don’t ask what is causing a diabetic epidemic in Asia or what to   do about it. They know there is no treatment for diabetes so they are just relegated to documenting the rising death count. Their big revelation is that Asian diabetics die earlier than those in the West. 

The medical research trend is to document our medical misery but offer no cure – because allopathic medicine has no cure for chronic disease. They know they have no cure yet they refuse to admit that anyone else does and they routinely demonize any non-drug alternative.

I’ve made an incredibly strong case for the use of magnesium, minerals, B vitamins, and a Ketogenic diet for diabetes, which medicine will probably never accept. You can view my webinar Diabetes is Reversible and reverse or prevent yourself from ever being diagnosed with diabetes.

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