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Living Longer with Healthcare – NOT!

June 2, 2019
Just today a journalist asked me the following questions for an Internet article. 
  1. What’s the future of healthcare? 
  2. What trends are shaping healthcare in 2019? 
  3. What technology will have the biggest impact on the healthcare industry and why does the industry need it?
I am well aware that most journalists are simply in the business of gathering content and don’t really understand what they are writing. They are part of the unwitting Fake News that gets passed along to the content-hungry public. 
For example, do they even realize that there is no such thing as healthcare? Medicine today is Disease-Care and Disease-Cultivation! Medicine has nothing to do with health. There is no preventive medicine, no nutrition, no nutrient prescribing, no working together with patients and honoring their desires. NO, it’s all about the tests and the diagnosis. When you have a diagnosis then you qualify for the drugs and devices.
Here’s how I answered: 
Unfortunately, in our current world of modern medicine, healthcare stands for disease-care. Disease-care is ramping up to give us more vaccines, more drugs, more biologic medicines, more medical technology in the form of nanotechnology with submicroscopic delivery of nanobots into the body to manipulate enzymes, RNA and DNA. In my view this is not a pretty picture.
Every drug that has ever been invented has side effects and the side effects are piling up. A Johns Hopkins study suggests medical errors are third-leading cause of death in the U.S.
So, although medical researchers are all giddy about the advances, unfortunately the advances are not directed at saving lives, preventive medicine, or longevity.
The World Health Organizations 2019 Health Score puts the USA at position THIRTY SEVEN. We are not a healthy nation and it’s not going to get better with more drugs.  
As I noted above, the healthcare industry is not about health, it’s about the industry. Medicine has become a business and the LCD (lowest common denominator) is the patient. Until that changes, it’s a disease-care industry.
The Medscape article that I wanted to cite for this blog is “How Much Does Healthcare Influence Longevity?” It turns out that healthcare only accounts for roughly 10% of premature death, whereas behavioral and social factors account for 16% to 65%. The results were such a surprise to the authors that they suggested that current healthcare policy and spending in the United States are misguided because they’re based on the assumption that focusing heavily on medical care is the key to improving outcomes and boosting longevity. BOOM! Take that Modern Medicine. You are not helping as much as your overblown egos think you are!
DANG, they even said that “A lot of the modeling analyses make the assumption that essentially 100% of the life expectancy is related to access to medical care.” Wow! Then came the fast footwork when one of the authors tried to reassure the public that “The 10% that medical care contributes to longevity is important and the results do not suggest the United States should not invest in medical care.” However “If our goal is to have longer, healthier lives, we have to go beyond traditional medicine, because most of what determines life expectancy is outside the healthcare system.” BOOM! The final piece of advice: “We need national dialogue not just on healthcare reform or healthcare spending but on health.” 
The trend that I want to see and that I’m committed to is advising people to take the nutrients they need to support the entire structure and function of their body. We can’t keep dividing the body up in specialties and prescribing a drug for every ailing body part and then watching the person die of the toxic effects of drugs. 
The nutrients to take are well absorbed picometer-sized minerals and food based, organic vitamins. The specific ones I recommend are ReMag, ReMyte and ReAline!

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