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What, No Definitive AFib Ablation Study?

June 16, 2019
My “new best-friend” Dr. John Mandrola write the following Medscape commentary “We Still Need a Sham-Controlled Trial for AF Ablation.” Mandrola has been beating this drum for several years. In 2016 he said that AF ablation has a strong placebo effect. I even wrote a blog about it called “Could Ablation for AFib be an Elaborate Placebo?” 
Most patients think that since cardiac ablation for AFib is a surgical procedure that it “should work.” There is a very strong placebo effect in any type of surgery. Mandrola’s point is that the only way to answer this question is to pretend to do an ablation on one group and compare that to another group where you do the ablation. But AFib has never ever been tested against a placebo.
The big question is why this study has never been done before. Isn’t medicine supposed to be based on science? 
The government Office of Technology Assessment clearly stated, in 1978, that only 10-20% of medical and surgical procedures have been scientifically proven in controlled trials, which means that 80-90% have not. I could not find a more recent report – and I wonder why! Even worse, drug industry advertisements that prompt doctors to prescribe drugs are based on scientific fact only 6% of the time! I these facts in my Death by Modern Medicine book.
Mandrola said that results from a study called CABANA, found that catheter ablation was comparable to medical management. In other words, why are people undergoing a more dangerous procedure when drugs may work just as well. Of course, this is where I jump in and ask why magnesium is not offered in case the true cause of AFib, for at least some patients, is magnesium deficiency.
He also said that “In 2019, we do AF ablation to improve quality of life. QOL is a reasonable endpoint, but it is more susceptible to the placebo effect.” Another study found that having had an ablation was the strongest predictor of having asymptomatic AF. That’s the strong placebo effect that I’m talking about. “To date, of the hundreds of studies on AF ablation, none have tested it against a placebo.”
It’s quite a good article, Mandrola has put a lot of thought into it. He describes just how powerful the placebo effect can be when someone is prepared for ablation. He says “We have close relationships with our patients. We’ve seen them multiple times, discussed their fears, explained AF, and tried medicines. Then, when the day comes for ablation, the electrophysiology lab presents an elaborate theater: Patients get general anesthesia; they have postop discomfort; and, for full effect, we discharge our patients with healthy doses of optimism.”
Then of course there is the monetization of AFib ablation, which is worth billions of dollars. It would be difficult for some heart centers to give there up. In fact, I’m sure that even if sham surgery showed that medical management had the same results, doctors would still do AFib ablation. But then I put ReMag and the rest of or Completement Formulas into the mix and realize how much more effective it would be to heal the heart with nutrients. Unfortunately this hopeful approach will never come to light in the halls of modern medicine.
There is also the risk factor in any type of surgery. Mandrola reminds us that “No procedure is totally safe, but putting people in harm’s way should come with a high bar of benefit.” He confesses that he suffered a year of AFib and “The scariest part of having AF was thinking about having my left atrium froze or burned.”
I repeat, put ReMag and the rest of or Completement Formulas into the mix and see how much more effective it would be to heal the heart with nutrients. We also tell people that if they go through with an ablation, also take the Completement Formulas before and after to continue to heal your heart and to heal the damage done by the ablation.
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