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When Magnesium Makes Me Better

August 4, 2019

When Magnesium Makes Me Worse” is my most popular blog but it’s time to turn that blog upside down and inside out for those who have awesome positive experiences with magnesium; who understand the shifting that takes place when the body is revved up with magnesium; and who just want to know more.

Since I first wrote this blog Oct. 11, 2011, I’ve learned enough to know that it’s pretty much impossible for magnesium to make you worse. Magnesium can only make you feel better and better. Your mantra becomes “I’m perfectly happy where I am and ready for more!” In this blog I’ll talk about magnesium but my experience is with ReMag – my fully absorbed non-laxative, stabilized ionic magnesium.

The big reveal on the limitlessness of magnesium is referenced by Workinger and his team in “Challenges in the Diagnosis of Magnesium Status” in the journal Nutrients. In this 2018 study they noted that “Magnesium is a critical mineral in the human body and is involved in 80% of known metabolic functions.” This adds up to 1,000 enzyme processes.

As I’ve noted in the past, about 1 out of 100 people who take magnesium can have a shift in symptoms that they don’t understand and that may scare them. It may be someone who hasn’t read enough about magnesium to know that it has a very high degree of safety. Also they might not realize that magnesium does so much in the body that things may get stirred up. I attribute this lack of awareness to of the fact that doctors and the public are not taught about nutrients and also the lack of knowledge about health in general and your body in particular.

We have no first aid training and we trot ourselves off to the doctor far too often for any and all physical symptoms without trying to sort things out for ourselves. Doctors have encouraged their patients to not think for themselves because they don’t make money if patients don’t come into their office.

I had the good fortune to grow up with a mother who was a nurse with tremendous commonsense. I didn’t tell anyone, except Bob, that I was applying to medical school and it wasn’t until I got accepted that my father told me he had wanted to be a doctor. He had even been entered into Harvard medical school but had to leave school to follow his parents from Boston to Newfoundland because his father had heavy metal poisoning from a career in photoengraving and a hobby of inventing!

The doctors said my grandfather had to sweat out the poison. My Dad’s mother was a nurse and a homeopath. So, commonsense, nursing, and medicine are in my genes. Most people don’t have that exposure and come to rely on so-called medical authorities to tell them about their own body. Doctors are supposed to be teachers, and perhaps in the days of home visits and knowing the whole family, doctors taught people how to take care of themselves. Nowadays doctors only seem to know how to prescribe drugs and have no knowledge or access to natural remedies. They even distrust and dismiss anything natural – probably because they know nothing about them.

I began my writing career when I was in my family practice in Toronto because I wanted people to take more responsibility for their health by learning how to take care of common ailments. My first health encyclopedia was called When You Can’t Reach The Doctor. It’s morphed into a 600-page free eBook called Future Health Now Encyclopedia that I urge you to download to have on hand. I discuss over 130 common ailments and present a host of commonsense remedies for all of them.

If you have a guideline like my encyclopedia for health solutions at your fingertips, then you won’t feel so dependent on doctors for their drug solutions. And you will more easily recognize when your body is shifting and healing and in transition from starting a new remedy like magnesium. You will be aware of the nuances of your body and not turn it over to doctors for their biased approach, which is mainly to try to find a disease to treat with a drug.

Below are 15 of the reasons why the body may be shifting as you begin to saturate with magnesium. Think of magnesium – and ReMag – as a food that your body has been deprived of and desperately needs.

1. You’re not taking enough: When you begin taking magnesium, the 1,000 enzyme systems that require magnesium get jump-started and They Want More! I used to write that magnesium was necessary in 325 enzyme systems but with ongoing research on magnesium that number has tripled. Now we know that 1,000 enzyme systems want a piece of the magnesium action once they’ve been woken up! And with each enzyme system pumping away they are using up the little magnesium you gave them and, like I said, They Want More!

This doesn’t mean that you’ll increase your magnesium and infinitum! You will reach a saturation point of your magnesium stores, even with non-laxative ReMag, and actually be able to decrease your magnesium intake. People who stick with the RDA amount of magnesium or who take magnesium that gives them diarrhea will never get the amount they need to get beyond their magnesium deficiency symptoms.

A lot of doctors and even people who claim to know about magnesium think the laxative effect is a sign that you have enough magnesium. That has led countless people to stop taking any magnesium and turn to ineffective treatments for their magnesium deficiency symptoms.

That’s one of the main reasons I decided to create and promote Pico-Ionic Magnesium, ReMag. It’s absorbed fully at the cellular level and has no laxative effect so you can take as much as you require to eliminate all your magnesium deficiency symptoms. BUT, even with ReMag, if your bowels are “sensitive” just go slowly. Instead of the maintenance dose of 1/2 tsp twice a day or the therapeutic dose of 1-2 tsp twice a day, you can begin with 5-10 drops a day diluted in a liter of sea-salted water and sipped through the day. Then you increase by 10 drops every 2-3 days. To determine your magnesium saturation point, you can get a Magnesium RBC test throughthrough Request A Test. The range is usually given as 4.2-6.9 mg/dL, however, the optimum level is between 6.0-6.5mg/dL. It’s not the definitive magnesium test but it’s something that you can use to follow your magnesium saturation.

2. You’re taking too much: One of our original labels for ReMag said that if you are a veteran magnesium taker, you could start with a higher dose than ¼ teaspoon. But because ReMag is so well absorbed, it started revving some people up too quickly. If you take a high dose of magnesium on day one, it’s like using muscles that powered a bicycle and expect them to power a jet. Your body might just be so weak that revving up 1,000 enzyme systems all at once makes you feel jangled and even anxious or depressed and you don’t know what’s going on.

Please try to understand that this means that you really do need magnesium. This reaction from our customers taught us that ReMag is much better absorbed than any other magnesium. Now we tell everyone to start with ¼ teaspoon, which equals 75mg of ionic magnesium. Espeically people with adrenal fatigue might get revved up too quickly, which can actually happen with any new nutrient they try.

3. You have low blood pressure from long-standing magnesium deficiency and adrenal fatigue. You may have heard that magnesium can lower your BP so you worry about that happening when your BP is already low. Here’s what is likely happening: Magnesium deficiency can cause you to have an under-active autonomic nervous system leading to low blood pressure and poor circulatory system performance. This is another instance where you must begin by supplementing at ¼ tsp of ReMag and slowly build up. The minerals offered in ReMyte are important to support adrenals and thyroid and improve potassium levels. Nine of the 12 minerals in ReMyte are necessary to make thyroid hormones.

4. You’re on heart medications and as your health conditions improve, your meds may become “toxic.” It’s because you may not require them anymore! That’s the good news! It’s important to check with your doctor when you are using magnesium to treat health conditions and your goal is to wean off your meds. For example, magnesium helps lower blood pressure to normal – not to make your blood pressure too low like some BP meds do. If you continue to take the same amounts of BP meds along with ReMag, your BP might get too low because of the drug. This is not a “side effect” of magnesium. It’s an effect of taking drugs when you don’t need them. If you have low BP to begin with and are not on meds, start ReMag very slowly because, as I describe in #2, you want your body to slowly adapt to a mineral you may have been deficient in for a long time.

5. You’re on fluoridated medications that irreversibly bind up your magnesium and make you deficient even when you’re taking magnesium. See a list of fluoridated medications at the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative. Unfortunately many common drugs and anesthetics are fluoridated: Prozac, Paxil, Lipitor, Cipro, Diflucan to name a few. If a person feels that they   have never recovered since surgery, I always suspect fluoridated anesthetics as being the cause.

6. You’re taking iodine (in doses above the RDA) that speeds up your metabolism giving you heart palpitations that has nothing to do with magnesium deficiency. Even people who take low dose iodine without taking enough magnesium and selenium can run into iodine toxicity problems. ReMyte has the proper amounts of iodine, selenium, zinc, manganese, and copper (9 thyroid-supporting minerals in a formula of 12 minerals).

7. You’re taking too much Vitamin D. Here’s what happens. You feel great on your magnesium and your doctor gets caught up in the new Vitamin D fad and puts you on high dose Vitamin D. Shortly after you begin to have magnesium deficiency symptoms. Magnesium is required to transform Vitamin D from its storage form into its active form and for a total of 8 steps in Vitamin D metabolism. That means if you take the extremely high doses that allopathic doctors are now recommending you can plummet into magnesium deficiency and not know what the heck is happening. In general, I don’t recommend more than 1,000-2,000 IU of Vitamin D daily for this reason. And never take Vitamin D without magnesium. I’ve written several blogs on this topic trying to sort out what’s going on. Read “Too Much Vitamin D?” and “The Vitamin D Debate.”

8. You are taking too much calcium and it’s pushing out your magnesium. Read “Why I Hate Calcium” to understand why the most prescribed mineral is actually dangerous because it’s causing heart disease in women due to calcification.

9. You’re taking magnesium and becoming dehydrated because you don’t take any other trace minerals and you don’t drink enough water. Read “The Solution for Dehydration” and take ¼ tsp of sea salt in every liter of water you drink. How much water per day? Half your body weight (in lbs.) in ounces of water. Also add ReMyte our multiple mineral for proper mineral balance.

10. Magnesium is detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals at the cellular level. Sometimes this can feel like a healing reaction. The symptoms can be an increase in muscle pain, joint pain and even skin rashes. That’s why I recommend that you build up your dosage of magnesium slowly so that your cells detoxify slowly and toxins don’t flood your blood stream.

11. You have IBS, which is a sensitivity of the lining of the gut, or you are very toxic (with heavy metals, medications, bad diet, yeast overgrowth (see #15)), and even ReMag gives you symptoms because it’s trying to help you detox. ReMag goes directly into the cells and will cause the muscles to relax and that can cause diarrhea. That’s why I try to “warn” people with “health conditions” to go slowly on ReMag for all the many reasons I’ve cited.

12. You’re taking a magnesium glutamate or aspartate. I warn against taking these forms of magnesium in my blog “Glutamates in Magnesium Chelates.” According to neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, glutamate and aspartate can break down into individual amino acids and act as renegade neurotransmitters.

13. You are taking high doses of magnesium and not getting enough calcium in your diet. I follow the UK and WHO guidelines to take 600mg of calcium a day in your diet or with supplements. However many people are on a dairy-free diet and just don’t get enough calcium. If it’s just lactose intolerance, try yogurt or kefir, make bone broth, and eat non-lactose raw cheese: Brick cheese, Cheddar, Colby, Dry-curd cottage cheese, Gruyère, Havarti, Manchego, Provolone, and Swiss. If those foods don’t total 600mg of calcium, take my ReCalcia. Download my book ReMyte and ReCalcia for more information. 

14. You are taking thyroid medication and you suddenly feel you are taking too much (increased pulse, feeling hot, hyperactive). The magnesium in ReMag and the 9 thyroid minerals in ReMyte can “wake up” your thyroid so that it begins to make its own thyroid hormone and you don’t require as much (or any) thyroid hormone anymore. (Be sure to check with your doctor and wean off slowly.)

15. Your Immune System kicks in and attacks yeast. 
If you have yeast overgrowth and your newly activated immune system is trying to get it under control, you can experience some yeast die off. You may develop a rash, itchy skin, itchy ears, a coated tongue, changes in your bowel movements, or vaginitis. Please read my book ReSet The Yeast Connection to learn about implementing my Yeast Detox Protocol.

All-in-all, once you get all the information you require to make a decision to take ReMag, and you know that magnesium is your new best friend, you will treat the shifting that occurs when you first take it as an experiment, an adventure, and an opportunity. Some people say “no pain, no gain” or “you get worse before you get better” or “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” But we don’t want you to be bothered by any conflict. That’s why we recommend to Go Low and Slow when starting ReMag. That advice will serve you well.

Where do you get more information on ReMag and our other products? Our products on Amazon get wonderful reviews. At www.drcarolyndeanlive.com you can download 12 free eBooks. My 2-hour, weekly radio show archives for Dr. Carolyn Dean Live give you access to dialogues with customers and incredible testimonials like the following:

“ReMag has literally saved my life and also changed my entire outlook! I have no pain – I had a Fibromyalgia diagnosis, as well as osteoarthritis from sports injuries. The difference I feel physically, mentally and emotionally on ReMag is amazing.”

“I took high quality magnesium supplements for about two years in every other form (compounded into capsules, tablets and even other liquids) before finally listening to my common sense/logical mind and bought ReMag. I thought I couldn’t afford ReMag. Happily I discovered ReMag really doesn’t cost more than any of the other supplements I was taking – and ReMag actually works. Dr. Dean’s explanation is right when she says our bodies can’t absorb enough magnesium in any other form to actually get “saturated”. I only say this because I took the highest possible doses of the other brands and of course the magnesium I managed to absorb made a difference – but not like ReMag!”

“I was quite ill for almost four years with a series of ‘mysterious’ illnesses, only managing to work for 7 months during that time although I was still walking and talking (so no-one including myself) knew ‘what in the heck was wrong’ and why I couldn’t work). I have a huge long health story which I now know stemmed from magnesium deficiency and the incredibly high yeast overgrowth in my body that Dr. Dean says are the basis of chronic illness. This knowledge has been medically proven by such items as toenail clippings growing yeast in the lab instead of toenail fungus like my GP expected.”

“You are the only Doctor who has actually made any logical sense in my entire life of being ill. Because of you and ReMag I recognize I haven’t felt this good physically since I was about 10 years old when I had energy all day long! Thank you again.” 

Learn about magnesium, and much more, by subscribing to my health tips by email.  You can subscribe here: https://drcarolyndean.com/subscribe

Learn about magnesium, and much more, by subscribing to my health tips by email. You can subscribe here: https://drcarolyndean.com/subscribe

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