Doctor of the Future Blog Posts

ARCHIVES: Doctor of the Future Blog Posts (2009 to 2011)

2011: Doctor of the Future Blog Posts

“Keep on Detoxing.” Blog Post. Jan 11

“Yeast and Your Thyroid.” Blog Post. Jan 16.

“Nailbed Infection and Clay.” Blog Post. Jan 21

“Magnesium Recommendations.” Blog Post. Jan 27

“Glutamates in Magnesium Chelates.” Blog Post. Jan 31

“Magnesium, Cancer and Yeast in the Media.” Blog Post. Feb 5

“Lying Down Therapy.” Blog Post. Feb 11

“Herding Snails.” Blog Post. Feb 14

“Take More Magnesium.” Blog Post. Feb 18

“Magnesium, Estrogen and Vitamin D.” Blog Post. Feb 20

“Articles on” Blog Post. Feb 22

“Sprained Ankle Remedies.” Blog Post. Mar 4

“Bioidentical Hormones Are Safe.” Blog Post. Mar 6

“Blinded by Science.” Blog Post.
Mar 9

“Radiation Therapies.” Blog Post. Mar 16

“World Detox Day, March 22, 2011. Blog Post. Mar 18

“Healthy Desserts and Detox.” Blog Post. Mar 22

“Good Food Goes Bad.” Blog Post. Mar 29

“Join Future Health Now!” Blog Post. Apr 4

“Magnesium Miracle Reviews.” Blog Post. Apr 6

“April 2011 Media Update.” Blog Post. Apr 13

“Alternatives for Disease and Radiation.” Blog Post. Apr 25

“Diagnostic Ultrasound.” Blog Post. May 5

“Overcoming Smoking Addiction.” Blog Post. May 8

“Facebook Prayers. Blog Post. May 11

“Squirrelling away Magnesium.” Blog Post. May 13

“Mastering Miracles.” Blog Post. May 15

“Too Toxic to Detox!” Blog Post. May 19

“Treating Eczema Naturally.” Blog Post. May 24

“Psyllium Seed Lowers Cholesterol.” Blog Post. May 27

“Shifting Shingles.” Blog Post. May 29

“Frozana Update.” Blog Post. June 1

“Don’t Forget About Magnesium.” Blog Post. June 7

“Take 5 TBSP of Coconut Oil and Call Me In the Morning. Blog Post. June 10

“Take Soil-Based Probiotics and Eat Dirt.” Blog Post. June 20

“Healthy Strategies for Asthma and Eczema.” Blog Post. June 25

“The Virtues of Coconut Oil.” Blog Post. June 30

“Medical Mysteries Solved with Magnesium.” Blog Post. July 3

“Hamburgers and Coconut Milk.” Blog Post. July 4

“Taking Iodine for Your Thyroid.” Blog Post. July 7

“Preventing & Treating Strokes and TIAs.” Blog Post. July 12

“Making the Nightshades Less Deadly.” Blog Post. July 15

“Settling Seizures.” Blog Post. July 21

“Prescript Assist for Dogs, Cats & Squirrels.” Blog Post. July 27

“Magnesium for Horses & Humans.” Blog Post. July 29

“Magnesium & Arthritis.” Blog Post. Aug 5

“Magnesium & Water.” Blog Post. Aug 8

“Clay and Magnesium for Osteoarthritis.” Blog Post. Aug 16

“Curing Colitis with the SCD Diet.” Blog Post. Aug 24

“Consumer Reports Disses Magnesium.” Blog Post. Aug 27

“Healing Back Pain Naturally.” Blog Post. Sept 2

“Questions about Water Quality.” Blog Post. Sept 3

“Join the Back Pain Teleseminar.” Blog Post. Sept 5

“Eat Dirt, It’s Organic!” Blog Post.’s-organic/ Sept 7

“Drugs versus Magnesium.” Blog Post. Sept 10

“Beneficial Mucus Elimination (BME) Weight Loss Cure!” Blog Post. Sept 13

“It’s All About Lifestyle.” Blog Post.’s-all-about-lifestyle/ Sept 15

“Medicalizing Sleeplessness.” Blog Post. Sept 17

“Fallout from the Flu.” Blog Post. Sept 21

“Healing with Herbs.” Blog Post. Sept 23

“Healthy Snacking.” Blog Post. Sept 26

“Too Much Medicine.” Blog Post. Sept 28

“Detoxing Menopause.” Blog Post. Sept 30

“Treating Colds and Flus.” Blog Post. Oct 6

“Bad News Travels Fast!” Blog Post. Oct 12

“In Support of Supplements.” Blog Post. Oct 14

2010: Doctor of the Future Blog Posts

“My Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010 (Part 1).” Blog Post. My Top 12 Wellness Predictions. Jan 4.

“The Tomato Sauce Did It.” Blog Post. Jan 6.

“My Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010 (Part 2).” Blog Post. Jan 8.

“My Top 12 Wellness Predictions for 2010 (Part 3).” Blog Post. Jan 13.

“2010 – The Year Without Orange Juice?”–-the-year-without-orange-juice/ Jan 16.

“How the Island from LOST Cured Rose of Cancer.” Jan 19.

“Is Milk Good For You?” Blog Post. Jan 21.

“Reflections on the H1N1 Hysteria of 2009.” Blog Post. Jan 23.

“How John Locke Went from Paraplegic to Boar Hunter.” Blog Post. Jan 26.

“Madagascar Motivation.” Blog Post. jan 30.

“LOST Flashbacks and EFT.” Blog Post. Feb 2.

“5 Food Poisoning Remedies.” Feb 11.

“Nightcaps, Sleeping Drugs and Magnesium.” Blog Post. Feb 18.

“Big Pharma Defectors.” Blog Post. Feb 20.

“2010 World Tapping Summit.” Blog Post. Feb 21.

“Who Says Cell Phones Are So Dangerous, Anyways.” Blog Post. Feb 23.

“Four Ways to Stop Magnesium from Causing Diarrhea.” Blog Post. Feb 24.

“Why Avandia-Style Drugs Can’t Cure High Blood Sugar. Blog Post. Feb 25.

“Under-the-Radar Television Propaganda.” Blog Post. Feb 26.

“Does Fruit Spike Your Blood Sugar and Cause Diabetes?” Blog Post. Feb 27.

“Experience the Healing Vibrations of LOST’s Island in Your Own Backyard.” Mar 2.

“Why the TV News Loves Tsunamis.” Blog Post. Mar 3.

“The Proof is in the Pooh: Why Healthy Bowel Movements Reflect a Healthy Lifestyle.” Blog Post. Mar 4.

“Easy Orgasms: An Unexpected Side Effects of Magnesium.
Blog Post. Mar 5.

“Sleep, Bowel Movements and That Warring Tribe Across the River.” Blog Post. Mar 6.

“I’ve Left Hawaii.” Blog Post. Mar 12.

“When I Was a Teen Supplement Companies Didn’t Exist.” Blog Post. Mar 18.

“How Daylight Savings Time Can Help You Sleep Deeper.” Blog Post. Mar 19.

“Helping Out My Mucous Membranes.” Blog Post. Mar 20.

“Photos From the Healing Miracles Event.” Blog Post. Mar 22.

“Boar and Bananas.” Blog Post. Mar 23.

“Loving Future Health Now!” Blog Post. Apr 6.

“Mike Adama, Man of the Year.” Blog Post. Apr 7.

“Dissing The Cina Study.” Blog Post. Apr 9.

“The Proof is in the Pooh: Part 2.” Apr 13.

“Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Our Instincts Rule.” Blog Post. Apr 14.

“Sleep, Bowel Movements and that Warring Tribe Across the River: Part 2.” Blog Post. Apr 16.

“What about Magnesium in Milk of Magnesia?” Blog Post. Apr 20.

“Join Me for Videos and Radio Shows.” Blog Post. Apr 21.

“What Brings Tears to My Eyes.” Blog Post. Apr 23.

“Magnesium Cures Anxiety and Heart Palpitations.” Blog Post. Apr 27.

“Charlie Brown Cares about Your Teeth.” Blog Post. Apr 28.

“Can Clay Treat MRSA Infections?” Blog Post. Apr 30.

“Stand Back and Watch the Miracle Working Power of Magnesium.” Blog Post. May 4.

“Don’t Kiss Your Vitamins Goodbye!” Blog Post.’t-kiss-your-vitamins-goodbye/ May 4.

“Why I Hate Calcium.” Blog Post. May 18.

“Our Right to Drink Raw Milk.” Blog Post. May 19.

“The Ongoing Diet Debate.” Blog Post. May 19.

“You’re Free To Be Healthy!” Blog Post.’re-free-to-be-healthy/ May 20.

“Chemicals Cause Cancer! Duh!” Blog Post. May 21.

“Ding Dong The Witch is Dead.” Blog Post. May 25.

“Save Our Salt!” Blog Post. May 26.

“Real Rhythm and Blues without Magnesium.” Blog Post. May 28.

“Gimme Some Free Magnesium.” Blog Post. June 1.

“I Have A Small Brain and I Intend To Use It! Blog Post. June 2.

“The Back Feels What The Back Feels.” Blog Post. June 4.

“Gauging Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms.” Blog Post. June 8.

“Detoxing Drugs and Chemicals. Blog Post. June 9.

“Do It Yourself Magnesium Miracles!” Blog Post. June 11.

“Magnesium for PMS and Painful Periods.” Blog Post. June 15.

“Why Kill Your Stomach Acid?” Blog Post. June 16.

“The Ho’oponopono Prayer.” Blog Post.’oponopono-prayer/ June 18.

“Magnesium and Commercial Interests.” Blog Post. June 22.

“FortiSalt, A Fantastic Salt Substitute.” Blog Post. June 23.

“Save The Stomach!” Blog Post. June 25.

“Magnesium Deficiency Staggers, Tremors and Spasms.” Blog Post. June 29.

“The Doctor of the Future.” Blog Post. June 30.

“Surviving A Hospital Stay.” Blog Post. July 6.

“Surviving Medical Testing: Cystoscopy and Catheters.” Blog Post. July 7.

“Recommended Supplements, Products, Information and Affiliates. Blog Post. July 9.

“Cholesterol Is Not the Enemy.” Blog Post. July 13.

“LXD: Dancing Superheros.” Blog Post. July 14.

“Forget About Fluoride.” Blog Post. July 16.

“Don’t Settle For Stiffness.” Blog Post.’t-settle-for-stiffness/ July 20.

“Crippled at Sixteen.” Blog Post. July 21.

“Treating Arthritis Naturally.” Blog Post. July 22.

“Are You Buying Fear?” Blog Post. July 27.

“A Natural Resource for Crohn’s and Colitis. Blog Post.’s-and-colitis/ July 28.

“Living Without Acne.” Blog Post. July 30.

“Cancel the Calcium.” Blog Post. Aug 3.

“Putting Off Pain.” Blog Post. Aug 4.

“Scouting Out Your Supplements.” Blog Post. Aug 5.

“Toss the Tylenol and Take Natural Pain Remedies.” Blog Post. Aug 9.

“Overtreating Your Heart with Supplements.” Blog Post. Aug 10.

“Treating Coffee Addiction Naturally.” Blog Post. Aug 12.

“Sleeping With The Enemy.” Blog Post. Aug 16.

“All Hair Homeopathy.” Blog Post. Aug 17.

“Make My Menopause Stop!” Blog Post. Aug 19.

“Just Say No To Drugs.” Blog Post. Aug 23.

“Why Accept Fake Water.” Blog Post. Aug 24.

“Change Your Life With Magnesium.” Blog Post. Aug 26.

“Dealing with Diabetes.” Blog Post. Aug 30.

“Take Your Gall Bladder Back.” Blog Post. Aug 31.

“Caring For Your Cholesterol.” Blog Post. Sept 2.

“Gluten Glues Up My Guts.” Blog Post. Sept 6.

“The Eyes Have It!” Blog Post. Sept 7.

“Gift Giveaway-Tuesday September 14, 2010. Blog Post. Sept 10.

“Magnesium is Made for Muscles.” Blog Post. Sept 10.

“Tuesday September 14, 2010 Giveaway.” Blog Post. Sept 13.

“Magnesium and Sex.” Blog Post. Sept 14.

“The Future of Medicine.” Blog Post. Sept 16.

“Funky Fungal Feet. Blog Post. Sept 20.

“Your Future Is Now! Blog Post. Sept 21.

“Treating Toenail Fungus. Blog Post. Sept 27.

“What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know.” Blog Post.’t-know/ Sept 27.

“How I Found Magnesium.” Blog Post. Sept 28.

“Should Kids Take Magnesium?” Blog Post. Oct 1.

“Diet and Dementia.” Blog Post. Oct 4.

“Magnesium Treats Headaches.” Blog Post. Oct 5.

“Chelating with Clay and Magnesium.” Blog Post. Oct 7.

“The Benefits of the Future, Now.” Blog Post. Oct 11.

“Make Magnesium Work with Your Bowels.” Blog Post. Oct 12.

“Clay For Detox and Infections.” Blog Post. Oct 14.

“The Failure of Gene Therapy. Blog Post. Oct 19.

“Clay Unclogs Your But Doesn’t Clog Your Drain.” Blog Post. Oct 19.

“Magnesium Goes with Everything.” Blog Post. Oct 22.

“40% Incidence of Diabetes in Dubai.” Blog Post. Nov 2.

“Magnesium in the Military.” Blog Post. Nov 5.

“Magnesium for P.O.T.S.” Blog Post. Nov 15.

“Does Clay Pull Out Minerals?” Blog Post. Nov 23.

“Food Based Supplements Are Best.” Blog Post. Nov 29.

“A Free Webinar: Magnesium and Our Health.” Blog Post. Dec 1.

“Vitamin D, Magnesium and Our Bones: Free Webinar.” Blog Post. Dec 7.

“Airport Healthcare.” Blog Post. Dec 10.

“Holiday Special.” Blog Post. Dec 12.

“No Value from Flu Vaccine? Blog Post. Dec 14.

“Calm Kids for the Holidays.” Blog Post. Dec 20.

“Hurt by Hormones.” Blog Post. Dec 24.

“Here’s to Magnesium in 2011.’s-to-magnesium-in-2011/ Dec 31.

2009: Doctor of the Future Blog Posts

“A Firefighter Would Never Get Away with this…But Most Doctors Do. Blog Post.” Jan 27

“The Pharmacological Snowball Effect.” Blog Post. Feb 5

“My 1.2 Trillion Milligram Magnesium BAILOUT Plan.” Blog Post. Feb 13.

“Would You Travel 9,600 Kilometers JUST to Have Dinner?” Blog Post. Feb 19.

“Recession-Pinched Flock to KFC for Sugar-Coated Protein.” Blog Post. Feb 27.

“A Raw Food Diet Doesn’t Stay Raw for Long.” Blog Post. Mar 6.

“ An Anti-Stress and Anti-Fungal Recipe: Raw Nut and Seed Pâté.” Blog Post. Mar 7.

“Is The FDA Really at War with Natural Health.” Blog Post. Mar 13.

“Am I a Natural Health Outlier? (Part 1).” Blog Post. Mar 23.

“Am I a Natural Health Outlier? (Part 2).” Blog Post. Mar 28.

“IBS for Dummies: The Saga Continues…” Blog Post.…/ Apr 4.

“Onion Skins and Easter Eggs: Free and Natural Egg Dying Trick.” Blog Post. Apr 11.

“A Prescription Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful.” Blog Post. Apr 17.

“The War on Homegrown Tarragon.” Blog Post. Apr 23.

“Victory Gardens Over Factory Farming.” Blog Post. May 2.

“Why This Doctor of Pharmacology Stopped Taking Drugs. Blog Post. May 8.

“The Hunter and the Farmer Approach to Controlling Yeast Overgrowth.” Blog Post. May 12.

“The Red Wind Liver Cleanse?” Blog Post. May 16.

“’My Goodness! Don’t Take Magnesium With That.’” Blog Post.…/ May 23.

“’No Choice But to Burn Your House.’” Blog Post. May 26.

“What a Bad Doctor I Was.” Blog Post. May 27.

“Flu Shot Makes Children Three Times as Likely to End up in Hospital.” Blog Post. May 28.

“Cure Anxiety with Depression.” Blog Post. May 29.

“Win a One-Year Membership in My Foundation of Health Program.” Blog Post. June 1.

“Billy Best’s Herbal Infusion Worked for My First Cancer Patient.” Blog Talk. June 5.

“Canada’s Cancer Nurse Cured Thousands.” Blog Post. June 11.

“Are you Afraid Your Doctor Will Get Mad At You?” Blot Post. June 18.

“The Evolution of Motherhood Has Arrived.” Blog Post. June 20.

“Never Cry PIG!” Blog Post. June 23.

“Eight Runner-Ups for the Name-My-Health-Program Contest.” Blog Post. June 25.

“My Three Horsepower Blender, Real Health Reform, Curing Lung Cancer & More…” Blog Post.…/ June 30.

“Two Finalists.” Blog Post. July 2.

“A Letter From a 19-Year-Old Suffering From Candida.” Blog Post. July 7.

“Three Winners with the Aid of Atmospheric Noise.” Blog Post. July 11.

“Why The Swine Flu VACCINE May Be More Dangerous Than the VIRUS.” Blog Post. July 15.

“Six Possible Reasons Why the Government Would Enforce a Potentially Dangerous Vaccine.” Blog Post. July 16.

“How to Deal with an H1N1 Vaccine Pushing Doctor.” Blog Post. July 17.

“Future Health Now! Starts Today. Blog Post. July 17.

“How to Keep Your Kids Away From the Swine Flu Vaccine.” Blog Post. July 18.

“What To Do If You Can’t Avoid the H1N1 Flu Shot?” Blog Post. July 20.

“Three Ways to Avoid or Reduce Vaccine Reactions.” Blog Post. July 21.

“Why My Father Let Lung Cancer Take Him Away.” Blog Post. July 22.

“No Genes are Bad Genes.” Blog Post. July 23.

“Are Bluetooth Headsets Safe? Blog Post. July 24.

“Are Air Tube Headsets Better for Your Health?” Blog Post. July 26.

“Magnesium Saves Man from Gagging (Part 1).” Blog Post. July 28.

“Magnesium Saves Man from Gagging (Part 2).” Blog Post. July 29.

“Healing with Pen and Paper.” Blog Post. July 30.

“Explaining Jeff’s Back Ally Magnesium Miracle.” Blog Post. Aug 3.

“Important Update: An Easier Way to Join Future Health Now!” Blog Post. Aug 4.

“Why Newborn Babies Get Life-Threatening Diseases.” Blog Post. Aug 5.

“Are You Saturated with Magnesium Information?” Blog Post. Aug 7.

“Why’s There So Much Contradictory Diet Advice?” Blog Post. Aug 12.

“Three Audio Interviews on Fitness, Magnesium, IBS and EFT.” Blog Post. Aug 14.

“Making Sure You Get What You Pay For.” Blog Post. Aug 21.

“Man Starves to Death on Organic Food.” Blog Post. Aug 26.

“How Other Cultures Use the John.” Blog Post. Aug 27.

“Making Deposits in Your Health Account.” Blog Post. Aug 29.

“My Exercise Routine (AKA Scheduled Play Time).” Blog Post. Aug 31.

“High Unemployment Benefits TV Networks.” Blog Post. Sept 1.

“Three Health Lessons From McDonald’s.” Blog Post. Sept 2.

“Master Your DNA.” Blog Post. Sept 3.

“Government Hysteria Versus Common Sense.” Blog Post. Sept 4.

“Magnesium Saves Kittens from Shelter.” Blog Post. Sept 7.

“Is Exercise a Luxury?” Blog Post. Sept 9.

“My 911 Experience in New York.” Blog Post. Sept 11.

“The White House’s Organic garden Isn’t Doing So Well.” Blog Post. Sept 14.

“No Health Benefits to Organic Food?” Blog Post. Sept 16.

“One of the Most Eminent Geniuses in the History of Medicine.” Blog Post. Sept 18.

“McDonald’s Manager Leaves the Dark Side.” Blog Post. Sept 21.

“Get Module One of Future Health Now! Without Opening Your Wallet.” Blog Post. Sept 22.

“India’s Government Embraces What Worked in Previous Epidemics.” Blog Post. Sept 23.

“Food Fascism.” Blog Post. Sept 25.

“84-Square Foot Dream House.” Sept 28.

“Mercury Fillings Are Safe After All!” Blog Post. Sept 30.

“Sleep Your Way to Einstein Status.” Blog Post. Oct 2.

“Am I Too Hard On Mainstream Medicine? (Part 1).” Blog Post Oct 5.

“Am I Too Hard On Mainstream Medicine? (Part 2).” Blog Post Oct 7.

“Five on Friday: H1N1 Homeopathy, the Polypill, Kidney Stones, Anxiety Outbreak & nut Pâté.” Blog Post Oct 9.

“No Time to Exercise.” Blog Post Oct 13.

“Five on Friday: Teleseminar Recording, H1N1 Jabbing Docs, Bailout Music Video, FDA Sued & My Baby Photo.” Blog Post Oct 16.

“No H1N1 Vaccine for Dr. Oz’s Kids.” Blog Post Oct 21.

“Inadequate Eyelashes: A Life Threatening Condition – Cured! Blog Post.–-cured/ Oct 29.

“Health of America: 2011.” Blog Post. Nov 6.

“7 Darn Good Reasons Why You Need NOT Fear the Swine Flu.” Blog Post. Nov 18.

“ I don’t Care What You Eat.” Blog Post. Nov 25.

“TV for the Sick.” Blog Post. Dec 2.

“My Food Poisoning Experience.” Blog Post. Dec 16.

“Healthy Brown Rice Pudding for Christmas Morn.” Blog Post. Dec 24.

“Microscopic Holiday Feasting.” Blog Post. Dec 26.

“The Darkest Day of the Year Atop a Mountain Taller Than Methionine. Everest.” Blog Post. Dec 28.

“Faking Our Foods.” Blog Post. Dec 29.

“Whodunit? Seven Food Poisoning Suspects…” Blog Post.…/ Dec 30.