With over 50 years combined experience in healing Marianne Lonergan Curtis, CAMT, CFT and Bruce D. Curtis, MA, MDiv travel internationally, fulfilling their mission to bring forth new frontiers in consciousness and health.

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What’s on this recording you might ask? On June 12, Bruce and Marianne Curtis interviewed me on their radio show, Truth and Freedom. They asked some difficult questions about the paradigm shift that is slowly moving us from a for-profit, sick care system to one that truly serves people’s health.

The recording runs for exactly 58 minutes and 25 seconds (about 38 minutes if you use the “fast playback” setting in most audio programs). Why would you want to devote 58 minutes of your life (38 if you use the “fast playback”) to listening to us talk?

To help make your decision easy I’ve outlined the major points we cover in the audio. Scan through the list below and see if anything interests you. If it does, just follow the instructions at the end of the blog post to listen to the complete audio.

Can Obama Change
the Medical Paradigm in America?

After the initial 62 seconds of jazzy intro music we talk about…

  • Health Reform? Why the best place to start reforming the medical paradigm is in your own consciousness. Forget about the President’s latest promise for “change.” Hear why it’s not going to happen.
  • White Male Doctors: What happened to the medical profession in 1912 that got rid of “eclectic” natural therapies – focusing instead on teaching hospital-based medicine to white male doctors.
  • Expanding Instead of Fighting: Why I think the health freedom movement needs to focus on expanding the natural health universe instead of wasting energy pushing against the conventional system.

Hear all the details. Just download the MP3 audio at the end of this blog post…

Green Drinks and Motorboats

We talked a little about smoothies…

  • Drug Smoothies! How the government may start regulating healthful foods as if they were drugs.
  • 3 Horsepower Blender: Hear which blender I use and why it could power a motorboat.

Plus, lot’s more… Download the MP3 audio file at the end of this blog post.

Why is Everybody So Sick, These Days?

We also looked at why modern civilization is becoming one of the unhealthiest in known history…

  • 20 is the New 60: Why my consulting practice has switched from helping 60-year-old women battle typical post-menopausal problems to consulting with 20-year-old kids with a long list of complications.
  • Emotional Stomachache: Why you need to focus on your emotions just as much as your food when you suffer from chronic indigestion.
  • Mealtimes & Meridians: How eating can block the energy flow in your body’s meridians.

Hear all the details. Just download the MP3 audio at the end of this blog post…

Sneak Preview Recipes From My Upcoming Book

I also shared some recipe ideas from my upcoming book, The IBS Cookbook for Dummies

  • Can’t Eat Raw? How to eat raw food even with a sensitive stomach
  • Chocolate Dessert: My fast, easy and healthy raw chocolate pudding recipe (using coconut milk).
  • Cookies Without Flour: How to bake cookies without any grains or starches.

Getting hungry? Dig in. Just follow the download instructions at the end of blog post.

Real Food & Modified Food:
How to Tell the Difference

We talked a little about strange adulterations to the food supply you should know about…

  • The Original GMO Food: Most people don’t know which common cooking oil from Canada is a laboratory creation.
  • European Breads: Why Americans with wheat allergies can go to France and eat a loaf with no problem.
  • Inedible! Why most diary products have become unfit for consumption.

Just scroll down to the download instructions at the end of this blog post to get instant access to the entire recording.

Curing Cancers and Other Routine Challenges

Lastly, we got deep into a discussion about how to help your body heal itself…

  • Healing Confused for Disease: Why sometimes when the body is trying to heal itself doctors label it with a fatal diagnosis and prescribe a fatal treatment.
  • No Way! Why most Americans don’t realize the body is designed to repair itself.
  • Stage Four Lung Cancer Cured: How one friend went from stage 4 lung cancer to complete recover in six weeks – without chemo or herbs – using a psychological approach.

Download Instructions

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A thank you to Bruce and Marianne Curtis for letting me make this audio available to you. You can find out more about these two health revolutionists at Progressive Radio Network. You download more episodes of their commercial-free radio program, Truth and Freedom, at www.curtis.progressiveradionetwork.org

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