My 911 Experience in New York

September 11, 2009

From where my husband and I lived on City Island, September 11, 2001, you could see the Twin Towers burning. At the time, I was busy with a group trying to stop the spraying of a dangerous insecticide (malathion) used to kill West Nile carrying mosquitoes. Our group had been meeting with officials at City […]

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Is Exercise a Luxury?

September 9, 2009

A reader wrote in response to my column last Monday (where I shared my daily exercise routine)… “Now that you’ve described your routine, could you do one for the 99 percent of your readers who don’t have your luxuries or live in opulence?” I found this reader’s comments a little confusing. You’d think I was […]

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Magnesium Saves Kittens from Shelter

September 7, 2009

I have a new Magnesium Miracle Story to start your week off. It’s from Bill, an asthma sufferer, in Florida. The “boys” he refers to are two new kittens he adopted recently… I was having so much allergy/asthma trouble I was sure I would have to give these boys back to the shelter. That was […]

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Government Hysteria Versus Common Sense

September 4, 2009

I have a four-minute video for you today. Filmed back in April it predicted much of what we are seeing unfold today in regards to the swine flu. Congressman Ron Paul – who was a medical doctor before entering politics – gives his perspective on the real risks of the swine flu, the vaccine and […]

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Master Your DNA

September 3, 2009

I thought I’d answer some questions that have come in from readers about… how medication and supplement interact… a bad form of magnesium… whether there’s any benefit to red wine over grapes… “cheat” days… and electromagnetic radiation from hearing aids. I conclude with a reader’s comments about overcoming genetic diseases. Should I take my supplements separate […]

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Three Health Lessons From McDonald’s

September 2, 2009

Just to prove you can find the positive in anything here are three health lessons you can learn from the king of fast food, Ronald McDonald… McDonald’s Health Lesson #1: Keep Things Clean Their menu may be a health hazard but they do know how to keep things clean. According to McDonald’s chairman, Jim Cantalupo, […]

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High Unemployment Benefits TV Networks

September 1, 2009

Researchers find that when employment drops TV viewership goes up. Shocking, when you consider the national average already wavers between five to six hours a day… any more time in front of the tube would become a fulltime job, indeed. I guess people aren’t working so they stay at home and watch TV. But why […]

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Making Deposits in Your “Health Account”

August 29, 2009

There’s a story of a health fanatic who spent 300 days of the year fasting to get his body super clean. Then, one day, he was sleeping under the stars and a passing agricultural plane sprayed him with pesticides. Life has a way of doing things like that to us. There’s always going to be […]

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Don’t Confuse Predictions With Reality

August 28, 2009

Many people are worried about the approaching 160 million doses of “mandatory” vaccinations coming to a school near you in the fall (if you live in the States). There is a lot of fear-mongering happening on both sides of the fence… There’s the fear that the swine flu may kill hundreds of thousands (of which […]

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