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No Time to Exercise?

October 13, 2009

We find time to sleep. We find time to eat. We find time to brush our teeth. We find time to watch a movie. We find time to copulate (which can count as exercise). We find time to earn money to pay for supplements. But people keep on telling me they don’t have time for […]

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Am I Too Hard On Mainstream Medicine? (Part 2)

October 7, 2009

There are plenty of nice and well-meaning people working in the medical establishment. But their “niceness” won’t help you if they give you an expensive and harmful drug when there was an effective and natural alternative. Last post I told you how I was criticized for being too critical of mainstream medicine. I’d like to […]

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Am I Too Hard On Mainstream Medicine? (Part 1)

October 5, 2009

Mainstream medicine performs wonders each minute of the day – saving people from life-and-death emergencies. But don’t confuse traumatic care with health care. They aren’t the same thing. A reader of this blog wrote me to say… “I do not believe in blacklisting either alternative or mainstream medicine in the good/bad debate of who is […]

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Sleep Your Way to Einstein Status

October 2, 2009

In order for his mind to function at top performance, Albert Einstein claimed he needed ten hours of sleep each night. (www.nytimes.com) It looks like a brilliant mind and a good night’s sleep are closely linked… “When you take in new information it is held in short term memory circuits for a period of time […]

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Mercury Fillings Are Safe After All!

September 30, 2009

FDA says mercury fillings are safe for children. We now know the FDA is — without a doubt — fruit-looping-crazy. In August, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) — in their great wisdom — have declared mercury (amalgam) fillings completely safe.Even for pregnant women and children. What a relief! Here everybody who had any basic […]

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84-Square Foot Dream House

September 28, 2009

A while back we talked about finding time for exercise (Is Exercise a Luxury?). Have you ever noticed that society is almost designed to suck up our free time? Dee Williams realized this. She found herself spending all her free time keeping up her three-bedroom home. One day she got news of children in Uganda […]

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Food Fascism

September 25, 2009

Fascism. We see it in different government bodies enforcing a particular point of view (e.g. mandatory vaccination). I see it in the farmers that unsuccessfully tried to sue Oprah for questioning the dangers of non-organic beef. (Oprah is welcome to her point of view – like anyone else.) And I see a little touch of […]

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India’s Government Embraces What Worked In Previous Epidemics

September 23, 2009

Here in North America the best answer the government has for combating H1N1 is an untested expensive vaccine that will probably kill hundreds of people and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. In India, however, their Department of Alternative Systems is recommending a low-cost, safe and proven preventative for the swine flu: A homeopathic called arsenicum […]

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