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Three Health Lessons From McDonald’s

September 2, 2009

Just to prove you can find the positive in anything here are three health lessons you can learn from the king of fast food, Ronald McDonald… McDonald’s Health Lesson #1: Keep Things Clean Their menu may be a health hazard but they do know how to keep things clean. According to McDonald’s chairman, Jim Cantalupo, […]

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High Unemployment Benefits TV Networks

September 1, 2009

Researchers find that when employment drops TV viewership goes up. Shocking, when you consider the national average already wavers between five to six hours a day… any more time in front of the tube would become a fulltime job, indeed. I guess people aren’t working so they stay at home and watch TV. But why […]

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Making Deposits in Your “Health Account”

August 29, 2009

There’s a story of a health fanatic who spent 300 days of the year fasting to get his body super clean. Then, one day, he was sleeping under the stars and a passing agricultural plane sprayed him with pesticides. Life has a way of doing things like that to us. There’s always going to be […]

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Don’t Confuse Predictions With Reality

August 28, 2009

Many people are worried about the approaching 160 million doses of “mandatory” vaccinations coming to a school near you in the fall (if you live in the States). There is a lot of fear-mongering happening on both sides of the fence… There’s the fear that the swine flu may kill hundreds of thousands (of which […]

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How Other Cultures Use the John

August 27, 2009

From Module 3 of Future Health Now!… “If you have ever attempted to use a restroom in Asia,” writes humourist Dave Barry, “you know that they use the squatting method over there. This is why you never heard them complain about having irritable bowel syndrome. Or maybe you did. It’s hard to tell, because they […]

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Man Starves to Death on Organic Food

August 26, 2009

You’re better off eating a well-rounded diet of non-organic foods than spending all your money on a nutrient-deficient diet consisting solely of organic rice. I bring this up because sometimes people can lose sight of the real reason behind their lofty health goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in one area of natural health […]

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Making Sure You Get What You Pay For

August 21, 2009

A lot of times people ask me what I think about specific natural health products – everything from supplements to superfood powders. What’s good? Are they worth my money? Do they really do what they say they’ll do? At the end of the day, however, most of these issues can be avoided by simply buying […]

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Three Audio Interviews on Fitness, Magnesium, IBS and EFT

August 14, 2009

I have THREE audio interviews you may be interested in… Audio #1: If you’re into personal training, competitive sports or weight lifting this is for you… Last week, 2008 “Personal Trainer of the Year,” Ben Greenfield recorded an interview with me about magnesium and athletics. You can get a copy for free. We covered… Why […]

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Why’s There So Much Contradictory Diet Advice?

August 12, 2009

I wanted to reiterate this critical point from my 48-wellness program… “Why does one person thrive on tomato salads and another breaks out in a rash? Why does one person thrive on raw food and another turn into an emaciated skeleton? Why does one person do fine with dairy and another is running for the […]

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