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Future Health Now! Starts Today

July 17, 2009

The eagerly awaited (you have been eager, right?) release of my 48-week wellness program, Future Health Now! has just taken place (and you missed it!… just kidding.) Future Health Now!, my 48-week natural health wellness program begins today. In fact, the doors are wide open. Those who have been reading my blog since I started […]

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How to Deal With an H1N1 Vaccine Pushing Doctor

July 17, 2009

Last blog post, I explained why I think the mandatory H1N1 vaccine should be avoided more than any other vaccine. I also shared with you six possible reasons why the government would enforce such a potentially dangerous and ineffective treatment. Nonetheless, my blogging will hardly swing Congress into reason. The mandatory vaccination program will plough […]

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Six Possible Reasons Why the Government Would Enforce a Potentially Dangerous Vaccine

July 16, 2009

As I was saying in the last blog post, H1N1’s “threat to humanity” comes solely through a media-sensationalized THEORY about some horrible mutation forming in the autumn. Hardly seems enough to warrant full scale vaccination. What other reasons, then, would big government have for making such a potentially dangerous vaccine mandatory? Vulnerability? Between poor diet, […]

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A Letter From a 19-Year-Old Suffering From Candida

July 7, 2009

A reader named Carrie wrote last week… “I’m 19 years old. I believe I’ve been suffering from Candida overgrowth for a few years now. “I suffer from all sorts of mental side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, and an overall lack of real awareness most of the time. Also, some physical side […]

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Two Finalists

July 2, 2009

Last week, as you know (unless you’re a new reader or your brain suffers from a severe lack of omega-threes) I announced the eight runner-up submissions in the name-my-online-health-program contest. You, my supportive readers, voted. We tallied up the results and saw a very close tie between two entries. So we’ve decided to run a second […]

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Eight Runner-Ups for the Name-My-Health-Program Contest

June 25, 2009

At the recent Maui Film Festival I unveiled the eight runner-ups for the name-my-online-health-program contest before an international crowd of 80,000 people… Okay, maybe I didn’t. I’ve looked through over 150 submissions for the name-my-online-health program contest. We’ve whittled the list down to eight possibilities. (If we didn’t pick yours please don’t unsubscribe, have your […]

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“Never Cry PIG!”

June 23, 2009

Strangely enough, kissing a pig may actually help build this child’s immune system — making him less likely to get the swine flu. Still, I don’t recommend you try it. The swine flu has proven to be LESS harmful than the common flu virus (which kills 36,000 people worldwide, each year, according to the Center […]

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