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Cure Anxiety With Depression

May 29, 2009

If you suffered from ANXIETY and I offered you DEPRESSION as a cure – would you take it? Maybe for a day or two the relief from anxiety would make the depression worth it. But after a week you may find you feel even worse off with depression. Sounds sort of crazy, but people take […]

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What a Bad Doctor I Was

May 27, 2009

After I had appeared as a guest on a live radio broadcast, an immunologist called up the radio producer and told her what a bad doctor I was. In short, he said, I was telling people “not to get the flu shot.” Not really… All I was doing is presenting the public with facts about […]

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“No Choice But to Burn Your House”

May 26, 2009

In last Saturday’s blog post (“My Goodness! Don’t Take Magnesium With That..) we talked about how most doctors think magnesium’s sole purpose on earth is to clean out someone’s bowels before a colonoscopy. Rumour has it that instead of mixing these magnesium bowel purgers with Kool-Aid some patients have been known to use VODKA: “I […]

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The Red Wine Liver Cleanse?

May 16, 2009

Suggesting that the resveratrol in wine will help with liver failure is like saying the apples in apple pie will help shed some extra pounds. Here’s the scientific contradiction of the week: Two glasses of red wine EACH day can help clear up fatty liver – the most common side-effect of alcoholism! Now, red wine […]

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Why This Doctor of Pharmacology Stopped Taking Drugs

May 8, 2009

This Monday, I’ll be filling in as host of The Chemical Free Living with Cynthia Drasler radio show. My guest, is my good friend Roby Mitchell MD PhD of www.drFitt.com. He’s a former marine and what I’d call an “extreme” athlete. In his pre-natural health life, he was awarded a fellowship in cardiovascular pharmacology — […]

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Victory Gardens Over Factory Farming

May 2, 2009

In 1943, American households “farmed” 20 million vegetable, fruit and herb gardens on residential property. The harvest accounted for nearly a third of all produce consumed in the United States that year (according to revivevictorygarden.org). During both World Wars, families across the United Sates, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany planted “Victory Gardens.” Here, everyday […]

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The War on Homegrown Tarragon

April 23, 2009

Fifth graders plant an organic garden with the First Lady… while Congress is trying to pass a bill to outlaw organic farming. Two weeks ago, reports the White House Blog, First Lady Michele Obama and local elementary students planted an organic garden on the White House lawn. Sounds great. But some things don’t add up… […]

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