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A Raw Food Diet Doesn’t Stay Raw for Long

March 6, 2009

Last spring, I visited my foster daughter who shared with her delicious nut pâté recipe and other raw food wonders. Your stomach “cooks” everything soon after ingestion.  The acid it produces can eat through a razor blade. Even a strict raw foodist is cooking all their meals. But our internal ovens don’t always get hot […]

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Recession-Pinched Flock to KFC For Sugar-Coated Protein

February 27, 2009

What really saves more time and money… eating at a fast food joint or cooking at home? While tens of millions have lost their jobs, KFC opened 300 new outlets in Britain (guardian.co.uk). Subway sandwiches are offering 7,000 new positions. Domino’s Pizza reports sales have risen 10%. McDonald’s revenue for 2007 reached a record $22 […]

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Would You Travel 9,600 Kilometers JUST to Have Dinner?

February 19, 2009

Every Saturday morning I head down to the local Kahului farmer’s market here on Maui. Much of the food was picked that morning by a farmer waking up at 3 a.m. “[Fisheries] catch white fish in Lake Winnipeg,” explains David Suzuki, “They put them in barrels, ship them to China, where Chinese women fillet them. […]

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My 1.2 Trillion Milligram Magnesium BAILOUT Plan

February 13, 2009

How much money would America save in health care costs by investing in as little as 400 mg of magnesium a day? “What’s the big deal with magnesium?” asked my driver last Friday. He was overweight with a 2-litre bottle of diet Coca-Cola at his side. I had been flown into Miami to talk about […]

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The Pharmacological Snowball Effect

February 5, 2009

Medical centers across the United States are noticing a correlation between higher blood pressure and financial stress, according to a Natural News article by Jo Hartley, The Ailing Economy is Making People Sicker. High blood pressure and heart disease already rank at epidemic levels in North America. It’s a lifelong battle for most people. A […]

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