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Most natural health blogs tell you that if you eat enough fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats, you’ll get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need to prevent disease and stay healthy.

WRONG! Your body can only stay healthy and disease-free if you give it the right building blocks. However, due to soil depletion, even the best organic foods no longer contain enough nutrients to provide those building blocks.

To make matters worse, the health care system separates you into your body parts, treating each part individually with a different drug or surgery. Alternative medicine doctors, in a vain attempt to identify the underlying cause, turn to expensive lab tests and dig into the minutia of genetic mutations, hair tissue mineral analysis, hormone testing, amino acid analysis, and vitamin and mineral blood tests. Most testing is not reproducible and is inaccurate and confusing, leading to recommendations for ineffective and expensive supplementation.

Both ignore the basic needs of the body for good mineral nutrition, gentle detox, and a yeast free diet, and leave you exposed to what I call Total Body Meltdown: when nothing works and everything hurts.

That is why I created one simple, universal, health program called Total Body ReSet which is available through the RnA ReSet online store.

Doctor Created, Doctor Supported, and Doctor Recommended

I have been writing about magnesium deficiency for over 15 years. I had encouraged magnesium companies to make a fully absorbed magnesium product instead of the medical recommendation for magnesium oxide which is only 4% absorbed. Finally, I realized I had to accomplish this task myself and created ReMag® which is 100% absorbed at the cellular level in its stabilized ionic form. Thus, nothing is lost to the laxative effect. Then, I went on to create more RnA ReSet formulas of the highest quality, which are fully absorbed at the cellular level and give the body the building blocks it needs in order to maintain optimal health.

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