There are plenty of nice and well-meaning people working in the medical establishment. But their “niceness” won’t help you if they give you an expensive and harmful drug when there was an effective and natural alternative.

Last post I told you how I was criticized for being too critical of mainstream medicine.

I’d like to say… Only one of the 18 books I’ve authored or co-authored, Death by Modern Medicine, is highly critical of the medical establishment. (The second edition got more positive with the subtitle Seeking Safe Solutions).

And my entire 48-week Future Health Now! program doesn’t waste one sentence on criticizing the mainstream model – it’s too packed full of positive strategies and actions you can take to improve your quality of life and avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor.

So I spend about 5% of my time in critical mode.

And I do feel that’s necessary.

Don’t Be Deceived!

To depend on mainstream medicine for your health is a sure way to remain constantly in need of medical assistance. Modern medicine runs like a business focused on profit before service. They want backend sales. Healthy patients are bad customers.

Just look at anybody you know who is sick and does what their MD says. They swallow their pills and hang around in waiting rooms and subject themselves to “prevention” screenings. Once and a while they’ll go in for surgery. Are they getting better? No. They just get worse. Drugs may keep them alive. That’s about it.

Our “healthcare” system doesn’t make people better. Yet few people question this. Drugs and surgery. They don’t prevent or cure disease. They just manage the symptoms. Yet it’s the first line of defense with the mainstream model. It should be a last resort.

Most People Can’t Face the Truth

Still, most people can’t believe the medical system has fallen so far down the hole of corruption. They tell me how “nice” their doctors are. I’m sure they are wonderful people. But if they are kept ignorant of what will make you better… all their niceness won’t help you one bit.

Medical doctors have been taught to give harmful blood pressure medication instead of an exercise program, dietary recommendations and a bottle of magnesium.

They think you should avoid sunlight and take chemotherapy drugs – when overwhelming evidence shows vitamin D (from sunlight or supplements) could eradicate 50-80% of all cancers.

Instead of a low-carb diet they would rather prescribe diabetics life-shortening drugs and recommend aspartane sweeteners.

My Five Years of Medical Brainwashing

I’ve experienced the mainstream model from the inside. In my five years of medical training at Dalhousie University we didn’t learn a thing about prevention. Nothing about nutrition. Nada about exercise.

And supplements…. pure quackery.

Doctors are literally brainwashed into thinking that they know it all and there are no other “alternatives.” I don’t even like the term “alternative medicine.” It makes it sound like there are only two forms of medicine. Or that natural therapies are an “alternative to medicine.”

There are hundreds of forms of medicine: Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbalism, etc. Most of them much better suited to making you healthy.

“Modern Medicine is Our Number One Cause of Death”

If you want to see the facts and stats — check out my book Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions. To know the truth of things click here to order and download a copy.

I’ll warn you up front. What you’ll read doesn’t fall into the “nice” category. After reviewing my book, Dr. Julian Whitaker said: “As Dr. Dean makes crystal clear in this very important book, modern medicine is our number one cause of death.”

But don’t get hung up on the corruption of the mainstream model. Know enough so that you can draw your own boundaries and be a “smart shopper” when you do need the help of a doctor.

Otherwise focus on taking care of yourself with YOU in charge. Find a health program that works for you. Make sure it includes the Seven Pillars of Health. Follow it religiously. Then put it out of your mind.

One of the best places to start – in my completely biased opinion – is with a free one-week trial of my Future Health Now! program. If you haven’t signed up (no credit card needed) for a free copy of Module One, please click here.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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